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Jim Risner


March 14, 2013

R.I.P Google Reader

March 14, 2013 | By | No Comments">No Comments

Breaking news coming from Google this afternoon, and for fans of Google Reader, it appears daunting.

For those who have chosen to establish residence under a rock, Google Reader is one of the web’s best-known feeds through which users can pull content from various sources around the internet.

Citing a decline in users, Google has announced this afternoon to turn off the stadium lights on its popular RSS feed app on July 1st.

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David A. George


March 7, 2013

BREAKING: 4 Things You Need to Know About the Facebook News Feed Updates

Filter out the nonsense, that sentiment is the driving force behind Facebook first major update to its newsfeed since 2006.

Today, Facebook announced a whole new way it plans to filter content in an attempt to feed our content addiction as efficiently as possible. To do this, Facebook will start grouping its user’s content and activity into categories such as what music you are listening too, updates on pages you have liked, and deals and offers that might pertain to you.

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September 30, 2011

Facebook Tabs will be Removed Completely

September 30, 2011 | By | 2 Comments">2 Comments

You spent hours googling it.

You ignored your family to conquer it.

You made extra runs to Starbucks to stay up all night learning it.

Now Facebook is removing all of these custom fan page tabs.

Click to read how you can save your tabs in under 30 seconds…

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September 21, 2011

News Feed Changes: The #1 Thing Fan Pages Must Do

September 21, 2011 | By | 2 Comments">2 Comments

Are blue corners about to rule the online web? Time will tell. Facebook has given you the power to rank news feed items based on what you think is a top story.

Personally, I am a die-hard Redskins Fan so all skins stories are Top Stories in my world. Heck, if Popcorn at FedEx costs less on a Monday night game, I’ll blue mark that bad boy. It’s a Top Story.

Being serious, the new news feed updates Facebook has made destroys the #1 rule brands have used in the past to get exposure: Get engagement on updates to move up the news feed.

It doesn’t work anymore….

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