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Ethan Warrick


February 20, 2011

HOW TO: Set up Photo Strip on Your Fan Page (Template Inside)

February 20, 2011 | By | 49 Comments">49 Comments

In it’s latest round of changes, Facebook has elected to introduce photos to the top of your fan page. While there are numerous opinions regarding the specific change, the opportunities are also endless.

Set up your photostrip NOW:

1. Download our Template
2. Upload your design to your fan page
3. Add captions (links)
4. Publish!

How it works:

After pictures have been uploaded to your fan page, thumbnails of each will show in your top photo bar. Some key things to remember are:
1. The order is random- new image and a new order appear each time the page is refreshed.
2. Only a thumbnail of the picture is shown in the preview

How to Optimize:

1. When user clicks image, give them something more
2. Treat like an advertisement to drive users to a certain “action”
3. Use entire design space to surround the user
4. Great place for product placement, feature highlights, and brand messaging

Did you find this helpful? Post links to fan pages below who are leveraging great looking photo strips! (Yes, you can post yours too.)