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David George


July 22, 2012

2 Facebook Tactics Actors Directors & Entertainers Can Use to Advance Their Career

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The stage curtain slowly rises.

The lights are dim, the audience quiet, and all eyes are on you. Waiting, watching.

You are confident and your mind is focused on one thing only… until you bow.

The lights go up, and the entire audience stands, almost in unison – the applause is deafening!

Rising from the bow, you think to yourself, “This is ridiculous…. I can’t believe I’m actually playing in the Globe Theater!”

Those of you deep in thought right now, don’t stop this reverie – because this could be you! Think I’m crazy?

Click ‘Continue’ to learn how to use your Facebook Fan Page to take your career to an unbelievable moment like this…

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3 Tricks for Actors, Directors, and Entertainers on Facebook

Step #1: Create an actor fan page on Facebook

Okay, so here are the basics:

– Include your best headshot. Preferably, try to use a quality commercial shot with a good smile 😀

– Upload a high quality, evoking cover photo. Whether it’s sultry or shocking, it should convey a little something about you.

– Use the About section to showcase your accomplishments. Include your age range, auditioning area, and make sure the words ‘actor’ or ‘actress’ are clearly visible

– Put demo reels, audition tapes, or any YouTube video you want, right into an app on your fan page

– Combine your Twitter feed with your fan page so fans can see both social platforms in one place

So that was pretty simple, right? But, the next step is where you get to have fun! Read on…

Step #2: Build a wide fan base

Fans. They’re what you live for! Just the same, fans should be the focus of your fan page – not you (sorry, Charlie Sheen). Tell them all about yourself, but remember – everyone eventually hated Howard Hughes.

1. Search for other fan pages and Facebook Groups related to acting, join them, and leave your Facebook fan page link there when appropriate. Type in “Casting Directors” in the Facebook search and watch all the pages popup. Join them and post the link to your fan page – you never know what could happen.

2. Keep your fans updated on your career – post about callbacks, auditions, and new roles. However, also post about interesting things your fans would like and their friends could be intrigued by. It doesn’t have to take much time – you can use what you already do for your acting career every day.

3. Give your fans a chance to see you perform. Create an Events app for your upcoming shows and events to let your fans in on your new gigs (and maybe a chance to get your autograph).

4. Make it easy for people to see you do you. Give your fans the chance to purchase tickets to the show, directly through your fan page, with an online store.

Example #1: Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is a perfect example of an actress who uses Lujure to promote her acting career.

fan page; facebook tacticsIn an effort to promote her new show, Ready For Love, she’s created an app called ‘Meet the Guys.’ In this app, you can see some of the cast’s fan pages, and can even sign up to be on the show!

Yes, yes – I know you don’t have the NBC conglomerate to assist you with an attractive cast, but you can totally do this for yourself.

Imagine how incredible it would be if you could mimic this exact app, but instead of Hollywood hunks being the options, people could click on bios and info of each character you’ve ever played!

Couldn’t this revolutionize the way people look at your entire acting career?

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3 Tricks for Actors, Directors, and Entertainers on Facebook

Example #2: Paula Garces

fan pageEnter the beautiful, talented Paula Garces.

Ms Garces has utilized two very powerful features from Lujure on her fan page to help her reach nearly 5,000 fans.

First, she gives fans, scouts, and casting directors a deep look into who she is and what she does by placing her website into it’s own app/tab on her fan page.

You can interact with her website, just as if it were open in it’s own browser window.

Second, Ms Garces has incorporated a subscription/email opt-in app which allows her to reach fans, directors, and other CSA members through email marketing. Whether it’s a request for a casting call, an activity update, or a promotional message – an entire repository of contacts is at her fingertips.

Join us for a live webinar at Noon this Tuesday:
3 Tricks for Actors, Directors, and Entertainers on Facebook

Take the stage

Think for a second about your favorite role ever… How could you use a fan page to let your fans meet this character? Let’s all bounce ideas back in the comments!





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