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Social Media Marketing for Business

David A. George


August 20, 2012

6 Ways Consultants Get More Clients with a Consultant Facebook Page

August 20, 2012 | By | 5 Comments">5 Comments

Each day, people conduct over 4.7 billion searches on the internet.

These people are searching for a solution to a problem, and you’re the expert.

Here’s your problem – with everyone and their brother owning a website and considering themselves “experts” in their field, how can you rise above the noise, display your expertise, and build your client list?

Now this may seem like a near-impossible task meant more for the likes of Rumpelstilitskin. But with over 900M+ users, Facebook puts the gold right into a consultant’s hands.

Continue to see how leveraging that power to your advantage is easier than you might think with a consultant Facebook page…

Why do I need a consultant Facebook page?

Okay, so I know what most of you are saying – “I already have a profile on Facebook, so why do I need a consultant Facebook page?” That’s a great question, thanks for asking!

You may already have a personal profile on Facebook, but to tap into true marketing opportunities present on Facebook, you must have a fan page. Because fan pages have advanced features, like page insights and scheduled posts, you have much more control over your Facebook presence.

While your personal profile helps you stay current with friends and family (up to 5,000 of them), your consultant Facebook page connects with all fans and followers who find value in your business advice.

Lori Peterson, an Ambit Energy consultant has a different approach to her fan page than most. To gain more clients, she harnessed Facebook’s influence by telling her story in subtle ways.

She simply posted her status as: ‘Setting off on a new adventure. Going to be busier than ever.’ Almost immediately, someone contacted her to ask what the new adventure was.

“He became my first customer within 30 minutes.”

3 Quick tips to help you get started

1) Make your personal profile searchable.

Being a consultant, your name can carry a lot of weight – which, as you know, is one of your biggest assets.  Make sure that people are able to find both your consultant Facebook page and your personal profile from outside Facebook by setting the public visibility in your Privacy Settings.

2) Join different Facebook groups and network with the members.

There are thousands of groups out there, so join a few that you relate to. Don’t mess with the feng shui of the group, though – listen for a bit first, then make a post at an appropriate time with a link back to your fan page.

3) Ask for a cyber favor. 

When talking with friends and family online or face-to-face, ask them if they’d be willing to share something about your consultant service on their own Facebook fan page or personal profile – things like Event invitations are perfect for this.

3 Easy steps to perfect your consultant Facebook page

1) Build a beautifully branded fan page to save time and generate leads

By creating a beautiful and functional fan page, you provide a community for your clients and prospects to congregate and share information with each other. Clients might realize things they hadn’t before, and prospects can see and comment on the quality and meaningful interactions with your clients.

Because of the nature of social media, fan pages also help you leverage the power of recommendation to your advantage. When a client or prospect posts on your page, Facebook announces it to all their Friends via the News Feed.

2) Develop deep trust with your fans

Because this day and age is full of internet spamalot and trojan horses, we want to find companies, websites, forums, etc that we can trust. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that we actually almost crave a business that we can trust and will gladly pull our wallets out once we find it. Capture this market!

Because people desire to feel a human element online, your tone has to find the right balance between personal and professional. Your professional tone establishes knowledge and expertise, while your personal tone fosters relationships.

When you post status updates, don’t make 100% of your posts about your consulting business. When you comment, don’t be afraid to be transparent and let your personal tone shine through. Think about what pictures, videos, quotes, thoughts, etc relate to your audience and make a post based on that.

3) Connect with your fans and followers at their level

One of the most important things when it comes to being an effective marketer on Facebook, is appealing to your entire audience. Who are your current clients? Maybe their average age is 45, maybe it’s 16. Are they local to your area, or in Timbuktu?

In order to be more effective across your entire fan base, try this: split your current, or desired, client base into 3 or 4 “ideal clients.” Use factors like age, education, location, and interests. Then, every time you post or make an update, purpose it to target at least one of these “ideal client” categories.

– Post a tip-of-the-day on your consultant Facebook page that’s relevant to your followers, but also, make an app on your fan page that stores each of these valuable tidbits for easy reference for your fans.

– Record short testimonial videos of your clients singing your praises and place them in their own app on your fan page. This app acts like a video repository so anyone, at anytime, can view these robust recommendations about their consultant experience.

– Provide quality, relevant, content and use an email opt-in to capture thousands of interested, prospective clients

Don’t get stuck in how you used to do things, stay current with how people are getting their information today and build a strong presence for your business online, right now. Your customers are looking for solutions to their problems and when they conduct a search, they need to find you.

Take action on your own consultant Facebook page

With Heyo, you can…

consultant facebook pagePost videos in less than 10-seconds using the YouTube widget for your fan page.

facebook consultant pageUse the Contact widget on your consultant page to let your fans and followers get a hold of your business through various digital channels.

consultant facebook pageFuse your broadcasting power with your fan page’s functionality by adding the Twitter widget to your consultant Facebook fan page.

Your turn!

How many new clients have you received through your consultant Facebook page, compared to any other social media channel? (My guess is Twitter comes in a close 2nd)



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