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David George


January 8, 2013

Top 14 Mobile Experts: Predictions on the Future of Mobile Marketing

January 8, 2013 | By | 21 Comments">21 Comments

Going into 2013, we’ve asked the biggest Mobile Marketing experts around, what their predictions for the future of Mobile Marketing are.

We’ve compiled predictions from successful business owners and industry thought leaders right here for your viewing pleasure and marketing knowledge.

From digital coupons and geo-location, to responsive design and mobile wallets, read more to see which trends and strategies will be lighting the mobile marketing pathways in 2013…

“In both the Civil War and World War I, the technology of warfare had jumped way ahead of the tactics. There’s a similarity to mobile marketing now: In 2012 more people bought smartphones than PCs. However, the majority of marketers do not have a mobile presence or are using mobile tactics. In 2013, the gulf will narrow between consumers’ widespread use of mobile and marketers adoption of tactics to reach them.”

douglas burdett
Douglas Burdett | Principal
Artillery, LLC


“2013 will be all about the smaller webmasters with the smaller budgets. Better tools for Responsive Design will become more easily available, making mobile-friendly design more attainable than ever and, with smaller budgets, proper attribution will be the development push for the software companies as well as the in-house marketing teams.”

cindy krum

Cindy Krum | Founder, CEO
MobileMoxie, LLC


“There’s no doubt that the proliferation of smartphones and tablets will continue in the future, making the mobile experience more important. For some, their mobile device has largely replaced their laptop or desktop for browsing experiences. If you as a business are not addressing this trend, you risk being left behind completely as web marketing goes mobile.”

Kevin McNulty | President, CEO
NetWeave Social Networking


“Mobile marketing is here to stay and resistance is futile. Companies who buy into mobile now and execute it correctly will see the greatest returns and highest ROI of any marketing channel out there.”

jay veniard

Jay Veniard | COO
ChaChing Digital Media


“Mobile will become the new inbox and immediate search tool. Users will come to accept brand messages in their SMS inbox as commonplace as long as it is relevant and from a brand they truly care about. The lines between static e-mails, real-time discussion such as Tweets, and the instantaneous feel of text messages will continue to blur. Currently, half of all local searches are made on mobile, this will most definitely increase dramatically in 2013 as more smartphone users become comfortable with mobile search. To effectively compete, ensure you’re pushing content through all touchpoints that feed through mobile: a mobile-friendly website, build an SMS notification list, e-mail mailing list, and ensure your business listings are up-to-date in all Google tools for Android.”

chad fullerton
Chad Fullerton | Mobile Expert, Content Manager
Corus Entertainment


“2013 is poised to be the year of mobile payments. With businesses such as Starbucks already showing success with mobile payments, I expect we’ll see a surge of merchant-specific payment apps this coming year. I predict most restaurant chains will choose a white label mobile payment solution, given how challenging it is to build a payment network from scratch. In addition, merchants will seek out the mobile payment services that offer visibility into customers’ purchasing habits, since access to this data is what every marketer dreams of.”

Jeff Waters

Jeff Waters | Mobile Expert, Bus. Development

“2013 will be the year that marketers finally realize the power of real-time marketing in the always-on right-now world of mobile communications. Their well-planned future marketing campaigns don’t cut it in the instant world.”

david meerman scott
David Meerman Scott | Strategist, Speaker, Best-Selling Author



“Mobile marketing has become a proven strategy producing higher customer retention and qualified traffic for businesses. Business owners who continue to capitalize their mobile marketing investments using a reliable, knowledgeable and experienced company that really understands how to make mobile work for business will continue to see this trend in 2013 and beyond.”

ennis julian

Ennis Julian | President



“Mobile social media use will continue to soar in 2013 and platforms that are highly visual and made for on-the-go engagement will be a step ahead of the game. Users will continue to expect an integrated and seamless mobile experience so more and more businesses will need to integrate mobile technologies into their web presence in order to stay competitive. As well, with the proliferation of new technology consumers are also going to become more comfortable making purchases using their mobile devices so businesses, both big and small, had better be prepared.”

ali goldfield
Ali Goldfield | Writer, Blogger, Content Manager

“I predict that 2013 will be the year when mobile-friendly, responsive web sites are no longer a choice–they will be a necessity– in order to compete. Businesses will add more and more of their product and service offerings, and customer service functionality, to ensure that people “on the go” can do business with them. In 2013, mobile marketing will take its place in the spotlight, center-stage–while the next new shiny thing positions itself for 2014’s playing field. All bets are on!”

debbie henley

Debbie Hemley | Social Media Blogger, Writer



“My #1 prediction for mobile marketing in 2013 is that more businesses will be using mobile coupons more than ever before as there way for customer’s to redeem their specials/deals instead of using paper or printable coupons.”

simon lewis
Simon Lewis | Mobile Marketing Expert



“My #1 prediction for mobile marketing in 2013: location is key. Marketers will push opportunities and offers to consumers/users based on mobile number area codes with hope that the marketing feels more personal.”

baylee greenberg

Baylee Greenberg | Business Development

“In 2013 we’ll see a few specific things happen in mobile marketing:
1. The creation of unique mobile brand experiences for consumers that do not merely try to replicate and reuse what was done on desktop/broadcast.
2. The unification and deeper integration of cross-platform marketing.
3. An influx of spending into programmatic mobile advertising (DSPs).
4. Marketing goals supported by geo-location data and contextual data – and enabled by mobile wallets.”

jonathan gardner
Jonathan Gardner | Director of Communications
Vibrant Media

“Small businesses will realize in 2013 that giving their customers a mobile-friendly shopping experience is a financial necessity if they want to stay in business, versus a lower priority marketing initiative that they will eventually get around to. Around 25% of all retail web traffic on Black Friday was from mobile devices (wow!) and research shows that shoppers will abandon a site–and even switch to a competitor–if the site is not optimized for mobile. Making mobile shoppers smile translates to increased revenue, and it all starts with adapting a site to the unique mobile shopper.”

ken barber
Ken Barber | VP, Marketing & Product Dev.

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