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Jim Risner


August 31, 2011

Facebook Updates that will Change How You Share

August 31, 2011 | By | 7 Comments">7 Comments

It feels like everyday Facebook is rolling out features to bully other social networks from stepping into their space. Yesterday was no different.

Google+ hit the ball out of the park with Hangouts (group video chat) and Circles(groups of friends), and  Facebook first countered by partnering with Skype to bring video chat to the platform.

But this is what most people don’t realize…

Facebook Changes

Yesterday was Facebook’s attempt to strike out Circles. New profile controls allow you to completely regulate what you share and with who. Not every post or photo needs to be broadcast in the “Mega Phone” news feed. Aunt Jean doesn’t need to learn about those habits you’re picking up at college and that video you StumbledUpon might be an inside joke among only  a small group of old friends.

Targeting your audience by making meaningful lists will take online personal connections to a whole new level.  Facebook friends include everyone now, from relatives and co-workers to people you’ve only met once. Now your content can be much more tailored for your perception of those friends. Lists have been around on Facebook for a while, but not like this. Previously, lists were too many clicks away. Honestly – did you know they existed? If so, did you use them? You will now.  The new streamlined settings put Lists right in your face right before you post.

Not only can you control who sees what you are posting, you will soon be able to control what you see. We all have those friends on Facebook that post a little more than we’d care to see (connecting posts from Twitter, anyone?).  The picture to the right shows how you will be able to customize each user’s content in your news feed. You can pick between Life Events, Posts and Other Activity. Facebook is giving you the keys to decide what is important to you and what isn’t. This, alongside the new streamlined “Lists” feature is a Facebook move to a much more personal platform.  The new features are gentle ways of avoiding the Defriend option. You can now work around specific people and there updates to pin-point what content matters to you and your friends – or lists ;).

Now, about some privacy features for the ticker, Facebook.

Check out Facebook’s page for a detail description of all the new features and tweaks announced here – this is just the tip of the ice berg.