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Abhinav Jain


June 3, 2013


Why Video SEO Increases Traffic and Click Conversions

June 3, 2013 | By | 2 Comments">2 Comments

Video is acknowledged to be one of the most popular types of content online. Millions of people from all over the world have had significant experience and enjoyment in watching videos. In fact, Americans alone have so far engaged themselves in billions of video-viewing sessions. And the population of video watchers is growing more and more every day.

With a great number of videos being watched online, this is a boon to Internet marketers and online businesses since they are aware that web video provides immense benefits, especially in terms of traffic and click conversions.

Considered nowadays by optimization experts as effective SEO strategy tools; videos have helped online businesses and companies increase in sales of their products and services. Websites with ads, on the other hand, have shown a great amount of traffic flowing to them, with a great percentage of them enjoying click conversions. These positive results have been caused by the use of video SEO.

Why are videos so effective in obtaining seo and click conversions?

1. Videos deliver necessary information on products and service

Especially if you maintain an ecommerce website, it helps to post videos about your product or service to help people get a clear idea of what you offer. They convey concrete information while adding a lot of emotions to it, making the feature product or service more appealing to viewers.

2. Videos are top SEO website content

Current changes in the Google algorithm now point to the fact that Google and other major search engines have become friendly to video content. The trend now is to post them in websites for the latter to perform well in the results pages of search engines. This has been proven by a recent SEO study that websites with product videos have reported an increase in online inquiries as well as clicks because they have been pushed up the top search engine pages.

3. Creates and enhances customer relationships

Marketers have always sought ways to create a healthy and even permanent relationship with their clients. In the current age of Internet video, relationships can be further enhanced with such engaging videos.

How to optimize an online business and website with video SEO:

The use of SEO strategy through videos builds significant visibility to any targeted niche audience. The following are time-tested tips that will help you improve your ranking in all major search engines, this time – through videos. You are assured that the website and page where it is posted will climb up the top pages of and

1. Ensure High Quality of Content

Make sure that your video has informative and relevant content. Always go for videos that deal closely with the niche of your website or talk about your brand, product, or service.

2. Title of Video must be Catchy

An attractive and catchy title of video captures the attention and business of a viewer. Just make sure that the video’s title contains the best keyword, one that is relevant to the brand, product, or service that you offer. It is a must that you perform research on keywords in order to find one that your audience will search and lead them to your video and website.

3. Full and complete description

When engaging in video SEO, focus on the description of your video. Like in the title, the video description should contain the appropriate keyword that will help it to rank highly in search engine pages while making sure that it targets the audience in its relevant market. Descriptions are also necessary to help viewers have a better understanding of what they will obtain from your video.

Put simply, websites enjoy top search engine rankings through the help of videos. These are vital SEO strategy components that boost your online business and brand to become highly visible on the Internet.