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Emily Goodrich


September 16, 2014

How Used Heyo for Lead Capture Success

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Gathering leads through Sweepstakes is great, but what if you want to gather leads and can’t run a sweepstakes? Heyo templates can be used to run evergreen pages, which will sit and gather leads for you.  That’s exactly what Heyo customer, Sam Hosseini from did with his custom build lead capture pages.

Read on to find out how Sam and got 1,200 impressions in the first few days, and captured 176 emails over two months on one of their fifteen lead capture pages!

Lead Capture Over Time is a brokerage company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. They aim to make home buying easier on the buyers, rather than centering their business around agents and brokers. They are the first online brokerage service in Canada to be named one of the world’s most innovative real estate brokerages, and it shows.

In Canada’s real estate market, buyers traditionally have had to work with agents paid on commission, with a very inconsistant quality of service, and information was incredibly hard to come by. According to Sam, “[buyers] could not see real live listings come and go and hence had an unacceptable lack of control in the process of buying/selling homes.” changed that. The Red Pin focuses on providing a high quality of service, 100% of the time. They have gathered live listings of houses and condos, combined that information with 3rd party data, and offered it to homebuyers for free. This, combined with their agents who are hired by experience and paid salary, means that TheRedPin offers buyers a positive home buying experience that places customers in the ideal home based on their needs.

Because The Red Pin prides itself on accessibility and ease of use, Sam decided to create a couple of landing pages for The Red Pin’s Facebook Fan Page, advertising new condo projects. This way, fans of could easily get information on the new condo projects, including exclusive deals, without having to leave Facebook!

Heyo is extremely easy to set up and that’s for us who don’t use any of the available templates. The HTML box gives us the capability to provide our own contact tools, while the drag and drop nature of Heyo lets us update landing pages, and add new ones, at a rapid pace.

Sam chose to use Heyo’s blank Drag-and-Drop template to help him build up his landing pages. He needed these evergreen pages to have a specific look and feel to them, so he first created a large backdrop image for his page.


Then, Sam built a customized form and google map in HTML; all he had to do then was drag and drop the HTML Widget onto his backdrop, and presto! Sam had a custom form and map on his template, suited specifically for The Red Pin.

In the first few days of launch,’s 50 at Wellesley landing page got 1,200 views and captured 50 emails! Now, I know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking that that email capture rate is kind of small for the first couple of days.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that this landing page is evergreen, which means that it has stayed up for much longer than your average sweepstakes. It is also important to emphasize that is looking for quality leads over a large quantity of leads; this evergreen lead capture page allows them to focus on fans who are interested in specific condo offers.

These landing pages have allowed us to use Facebook as a new platform to directly generate leads on. As a new age technology company, much of our marketing budget is spent online (SEM, SEO, etc). Our CPA has thus far either been comparable, or as much as 25% lower on these pages, than our other landing pages.

Sam Hosseini

As of the writing of this article, The Red Pin has captured 478 quality leads across three of its fifteen landing pages.

Your Turn

Now that you’ve seen what lead capture pages can do over time, why don’t you try one out for yourself? Heyo allows you to build custom lead capture pages, like Sam did, or use one of our Lead Capture Templates to jump start your campaign. Click here to test them out!

Emily Goodrich


Emily Goodrich is a Technical Writer at Heyo. She is a Senior studying Creative and Professional Writing at Virginia Tech.