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Social Media Marketing for Business

Mary Walton


July 18, 2016

Create Catchy Social Media Content With These Proofreading Tools

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For any business to succeed in today’s crowded marketplace, they need to offer a product that’s new and exciting. However, sometimes even that’s not enough to bring the customers in. Use social media in new and interesting ways, though, and you’ll catch everyone’s attention. If you want to get noticed, try using these innovative tools to make your social media content the best it can be.

  1. 1Checker

If you’re looking to improve your writing as a new business owner, 1Check is a highly effective yet affordable solution. Download the plugin for your machine of choice, and the tool will check over all of your writing for grammar mistakes and readability. Soon, your social media posts will improve without you having to pay a penny. What’s better to a cash strapped new business owner than a free resource?

1 checker

  1. Boom Essays: Custom Writing Service

As any business owner knows, the key to good management is delegation. As much as you want to be involved in all of your blog writing, you just don’t have time to carefully edit everything you write. However, you don’t want to post unpolished pieces online. This is where Boom Essays step in. Their writers can edit all of your pieces, making them high quality blog posts that you can post with pride.

custom writing service Boom Essays

  1. Grammark

As the site says, it can take a teacher up to 15-30 minutes to grade just one paper, but this tool can do it in just 0.14 seconds. When you’re rushing to keep up with social media trends, you don’t have time to laboriously comb through your posts for errors. Paste your posts in, correct the errors, and get it posted, fast!


  1. Document Grader

This tool is great for writers that are serious about improving their writing for social media. Document Grader checks your work for errors, but also gives targeted advice for making your writing more engaging for your intended audience. As you keep writing and using the site, your writing will improve organically. Keep using the tool and you’ll soon find that your writing will be top tier, and capable of bringing in customers.

document grader

  1. Freelancer

If you want more control over who edits your posts, this site is for you. Enter all the information relevant to the job, such as your budget, what experience you need from your editor, and what skills they need, and get back free quotes from their proof reader database. You can build up a relationship with proof readers too, making sure all of your posts are similar in tone and style.


  1. Essay Roo: Australian Writing Service

Need help creating catchy blog posts? The writers at Australian writing company EssayRoo can help you out. Give them the topics you need to cover and the product you’re looking to sell, and they can create unique, engaging blog posts for you. This frees you up to write other posts, or focus on other areas of your business.

Australian Writing Service Essayroo

  1. Grammarly

Struggle with your grammar when writing? Grammarly has your back. It checks your work for all kinds of errors, many of which Microsoft Word can’t find. It also shows you the errors you commonly make, and gives you the theory behind the grammar rules you need to learn. The best part is that you can embed it into Chrome, having it running in everything you write.


  1. Slick Write

If you know that you have certain issues with your writing, Slick Write may be for you. You can paste in your writing, and ask for customizable feedback on your work. It’s the quickest way to get instant feedback, and before long you’ll be making huge strides in improvement, and creating top quality posts.


Bonus social media writing tips

These tools are amazing for upping your social media game, but remember that any great post begins between you and the keyboard. Here’s some tips to help you start with great material that will bring in the customers.

Keep on top of trends

Keep an eye on what’s trending in your industry. Do you sell custom jewelry, and are pieces made with dollhouse pieces trending? Get in on the conversation, and you can gain new fans, followers and customers with ease.

Check, check, and double check

Google the phrase ‘social media faux pas’ and you’ll find thousands of results that will probably make you never want to touch your Twitter account again. However, 99.99% of issues can be avoided by reading your posts over before posting them. Remember, nothing written in anger should ever be published, and comments written down often don’t come across the same way as they would when said aloud.

Have someone else read your posts

The best and easiest way to spot errors in your writing is to have someone read it aloud. Listening to your writing, you can hear problems easily and fix them before publication. It also helps you check the tone of your posts before they go live, helping nip any potential issues in the bud.

Check your images and hyperlinks

When you’re at your busiest, you’ll be working across multiple posts at once, pasting in links and images as you go. However, before that post goes live, make sure your images are relevant to your post, and check that the links go where you want to send your customers. Nothing’s worse than receiving a whole slew of messages from people who’ve found that your link goes nowhere.

These tools and tips are great guidelines to getting started with social media, but only you know what really makes your business tick. Who are your customers, and what do they want from you? Carve out your own niche online by creating relatable, engaging content that your readers will want to share, and you’ll see success in no time.

Good writing is a huge part of successful social media campaigns, so it’s vital you get it right. Use these tools to improve your writing, and you’ll see that anyone can become a master writer with a little bit of time, effort and hard work.

Mary Walton


Mary Walton is a professional editor, living in Santa Monica. She has been
working for a publishing company for 7 years. Mary enjoys surfing and
painting. Keep in touch with her on Linkedin and Twitter