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Don Caprio


July 23, 2013

The 10 Best Image Editing Apps for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch (Free & Paid)

July 23, 2013 | By | 12 Comments">12 Comments

To a lot of people, a smartphone does most of the things they’re supposed to do on their personal computers. I, for example, use my iPhone for gaming (something I hardly do when I’m on PC), taking great pictures and editing photos, organizing my calendar and much more. Even if you don’t use all the functions on your iDevice, the camera is something most of us use all the time.

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I do take lots of pictures and if you’re like me, I’m pretty sure you must have a couple of image editing applications on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Having tried a lot of image editing apps in App Store, some paid and others free, here is a list of the 10 best image editing apps I’ve personally used on my device.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

best image editing apps 1 This is probably the best image editing application for Apple devices. I use this app most of the time since it’s got the most needed features and it’s extremely easy to use. You can adjust the image contrast, exposure, brightness, add effects, borders and more. It’s easy to understand user interface and this is actually what made me choose it over Photoshop Touch. This application costs nothing, it’s totally free.

2. Photoshop Touch

best image editing apps 2

If you’ve used Adobe Photoshop on your Mac computer or Windows PC, you probably will love this and definitely choose it over the first one I mentioned. Photoshop Touch brings the real Photoshop experience to your mobile device and it’s probably the most advanced image editing tool there is on the iPad. From simple edits to complex effects, Photoshop Touch has some tools you definitely won’t find in other image editing tools but I must warn you that it’s not that easy to use for beginners. Again, it’s not meant for iPhones and iPod Touch, just for iPad only. I forced my iPhone to use an older version of the software but it’s really crappy and I couldn’t get it to work properly though it works great on a friend’s iPad. It’s a $9.99 worth application.

3. Pixlr-o-matic

best image editing apps 3

This application is quite different from the rest because it’s main focus is enhancing your photographs without much hassles. There are lots of effects to select from to improve your picture quality or just for the fun of it. The user interface is simple, clean and fun to use and free.

4. WoW Camera+ Pro


This works with your iPhone camera and you can even select effects before you your shots. You can as well use the app to edit your existing your existing photos. One great feature about this app is that you can even make a photo story, something like a collage.It costs $1.99.

5. iDarkroom

This popular photo editing software for iOS lets you adjust saturation, contrast, color temperature, brightness and more. You can also add cool effects like vignette and the rest. All you need to purchase it with is $0.99.

6. Instagram


I assume this needs no introduction since it’s the most widely used photo sharing application on Android and iOS owned by Facebook. Apart from the social integration, this application lets you apply different effects to your photos before sharing. It’s free.

7. FX Photo Studio

fx photo studio

 FX Photo Studio is described as the most artistic photo editing app and this may be true with almost 200 effects preloaded to enhance your photos. This, along with other features like stylish text labels makes it a powerful photo editor for your iDevice. It costs $0.99.

Others Image Editing Apps Include:

8. Photopal

9. Camera+

10. Best Camera



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