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Don Caprio


July 23, 2013

The 10 Best Image Editing Apps for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch (Free & Paid)

July 23, 2013 | By | 12 Comments">12 Comments

To a lot of people, a smartphone does most of the things they’re supposed to do on their personal computers. I, for example, use my iPhone for gaming (something I hardly do when I’m on PC), taking great pictures and editing photos, organizing my calendar and much more. Even if you don’t use all the functions on your iDevice, the camera is something most of us use all the time.

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I do take lots of pictures and if you’re like me, I’m pretty sure you must have a couple of image editing applications on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Having tried a lot of image editing apps in App Store, some paid and others free, here is a list of the 10 best image editing apps I’ve personally used on my device.

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