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Chantelle @ Fat Mum Slim


June 27, 2013

Become an Instagram Expert with These 14 Tips


The new updates to Instagram video have changed the way businesses will market to get more instagram followers on the platform.  In order to keep up with the trends, you need maximize your efficiency within the interface. Like all software, there are tricks-of-the-trade that you would never know without having someone show you the ropes. In this infographic, you’ll find fourteen nifty tricks to help you become an Instagram expert, and get more instagram followers.

Get More Instagram Followers, Now!

get more instagram followers

Get More Instagram Followers!

1.) Double click a photo to like it!

2.) Click the LUX button to enhance your photos and get more Instagram followers

  • Especially under exposed photos
  • best used on landscape
  • Worth experimenting on other pictures

3.) Turn borders on and off by clicking the top left-handed corner

4.) Click through each filter to give your photo a fun effect

  • Test various types of filters
  • Select the filter
  • Then click the tick!

5.) Get Instagram followers by clicking the rain drop to use tilt-shift focus on the photo.

  • Select area to be focused
  • Rest of the area will be blurry

6.) Use your phone’s camera to take all of your photos & then upload them to Instagram

7.) Use Hashtags in your caption to group it with other photos

8.) Delete, share, copy the URL, or email your photos after they were published

9.) Respond to comments under your photos

10.) Delete any spammy comments by clicking the cog in the upper right corner

11.) Delete comments on other photos

12.) Use airplane mode on your phone to edit photos without publishing them

13.) Get more Instagram followers by cross processing your photos

  • Use apps like Camera +
  • Add multiple filters

14.) Key takeaways to get more Instagram followers

  • Experiment
  • Post often
  • leave comments
  • Engage and engage and engage
  • Have fun!

Let us know what you think of these tips to become an Expert and get more Instagram followers

Chantelle @ Fat Mum Slim


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