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July 5, 2017

5 Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs to Have

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People in the digital marketing field need to have a broad set of skills to be able to execute their position successfully. Employers today are hiring digital marketers that are a good personality fit for their organization. As a result, individuals of the digital marketing field need to focus not only on what they can do for the company, but on interpersonal skills that will help them connect with clients. Here are 5 of the most important skills that a digital marketer must have today to get hired in their field.

The Ability to Adapt

The world of digital marketing moves at lighting speed with updates and changes happening constantly. You need the ability to adapt and embrace these changes if you want to succeed. One example of this is how SEO has been changing in recent times. It was once a more technical job that has more recently began to include content building and the ability to build strong relationships. To be a success in a digital career, you need to be open to change and thrive on it. Your potential clients need employees that can keep up with the speed of the industry and are willing to adapt to all of the changes.

A Hunger to Learn

 Another one of the most valuable skills that define the success of your digital marketing career’s success is how hungry you are to learn continuously. 87% of the most successful digital marketers say the ability to quickly change their strategy has aided in their success. Your passion for keeping up to date and learning the newest trends is the only thing that can ensure you keep up to date with this constantly changing industry. In this world of digital marketing, it’s necessary that you find areas that you are passionate about to specialize in. Find the topics that you read about in your own time and would miss practicing if tomorrow you no longer had a job. Digital companies need individuals that are self-motivated and eager to practice their specialty. Leadership development is a necessity for keeping up to date with news and updates in the industry.

The Desire for Knowledge

When considering a career in the digital marketing field, you better have a curious nature. This curiosity will serve you well by supporting a creative desire to attempt new things and analyze how well your ideas work. A natural curiosity will improve your ability to realize new opportunities, solve complex problems, and make your more comfortable with taking risks. Digital companies need employees that are curious enough to conceive, try out, and analyze new ideas. This is an important set of skills for your success as a digital marketer.

Being a Team Player

 To be a successful digital marketer, it requires a broad knowledge of all the digital concepts and a specialty in one of those particular areas. To maximize the effectiveness of your work, you will need a team of digital marketers specializing in the other areas. You all work as a team and feed off of the knowledge that the others bring to the table. For example, a content marketer can ask an SEO specialist for advice on ranking higher on search engines. It is important in the digital marketing field that you like working with others. If the specialists can’t all get along, it will likely impact productivity.

Having a Positive Attitude

 The longevity of your digital marketing career is dependent on you having a positive attitude and strong personality. Your attitude affects everything that you do, including how productive you are and how well you work with other members of your team. Having a positive attitude that increases overall productivity should be a goal that you have as often as possible. Having content written with strong personality has been proven to help form loyal relationships with 73% of customers. A positive attitude and good personality can certainly help advance your digital marketing career.


Success in the world of digital marketing requires that you have a full skill set that includes not only the knowledge and ability but interpersonal skills as well. Having these five skills are essential to getting hired and having a long, successful career in the field.


Jennifer Livingston


March 8, 2017

How to Engage Your Customers Using Social Media


Ever since its emergence into the marketplace over ten years ago, social media continues to be a force to be reckoned with on a global scale. It has completely changed the way people communicate, share their lives and stay in touch with current events. It’s also created an avenue for many people to work and build businesses within. Another way social media has changed the world is through marketing. It’s another medium that businesses can use to effectively engage with their customers. If you’re a business owner who wants to learn more about how to keep a pulse on your customers through social media, consider implementing the following strategies.


Customer engagement isn’t a one-sided dialogue. In many ways, you’ll need to treat social media the same way as face-to-face interactions. If you told someone you like their blouse and they heard you, but remained silent, you wouldn’t want much to do with them anymore. As your company posts pictures, videos and tweets, there will be at least one person who responds. Don’t ignore that person’s comment even if it’s a comment as simple as “I love this!” If you have more comments than you can realistically respond to, just click the like button and pick a few to respond to. However, when you’re just starting out, chances are you’ll only have a few comments. Respond to them all. It’ll make a big difference.


When someone takes a picture using your product and raves about it, consider this a free form of marketing and repost it to your page. When you repost it to your page, take a screenshot and upload it. Don’t use the repost apps that leave the watermark at the bottom. You’ll want your page to be visually consistent and clean. It’s also great to look up hashtags that are associated with your brand. If you see good-looking pictures highlighting your product, click ‘like’ and let your customers know you see that they purchased your product and you appreciate it. When customers get the notification, this excites them to share and become more engaged eventually.


Hashtags are the best way for your audience to find you. If you’d like to build a brand, you’ll need to remain intentional about creating language that will keep you connected to your fans. If your company sells lipstick, consider placing the hashtag on the tube or the packaging. Make sure your customers know where to find you.


Once you have a good amount of people following your brand online, it’s a good idea to ask questions. It’s helps to get a good understanding of what your users are in need of. When your company remains the solution to your customers’ problems, you’ll stay in business. So, don’t be afraid to ask. For example, if your company built a YouTube channel surrounding your content, ask your viewers to comment below with their answers to a particular question you have. Use captioning services on your videos to leave an email address and other information so they can contact your company. Make sure to reiterate that you’d love to hear from them.


It’s hard to engage with your customers if you’re not there. According to, the number of users on social media was up to 2.8 Billion by the end of 2016. Because this number is so high, it makes no sense for companies to be missing in action. Always remain engaged and aware of what’s going on. It’s also extremely important to post content on a consistent basis. Create a schedule so that your fans knows when to find you. When it comes to social media, consistency has a tendency to breed credibility.

Overall, the process of using social media is constantly changing. Now, more platforms are including live options to compete with Periscope. As platforms add different features to stay relevant and innovative, your learning curve will continue to change. As long as you remain visible and use these tactics, your users will chime in and stay plugged into what your company is producing.

Jennifer Livingston


November 28, 2016

Video Campaigns for Start-Ups: 5 Secrets to Get Your Brand Noticed and Your Revenue Up

If you want to get your brand noticed and increase your profitability, then you might be wondering what steps will help you reach your goal. When your potential customers have many distractions, it can be difficult to keep their attention. More and more these days, we are seeing business owners start to use video campaigns to engage their audience in unique ways to help keep their attention, with the primary goal of reaching their organization sales goals.

That means you must do the same if you want to stay ahead of the competition. Using videos in your marketing is a great way to educate your audience, entertain them and establish yourself as an expert in your market. But you must learn to create and post videos correctly if you want to enjoy the best possible results. You will need to test different methods if you want to find which one works best for you, but the following tips will help.


Offer Value

When you start a video marketing campaign, your No.1 goal should be to provide value to your audience. The value can come in the form of entertainment, knowledge or useful tips and tricks that will make people’s lives easier. If you start a video with the goal of trying to force people to buy from you, then you are going to turn a lot of potential customers away. But offering value first will help inspire trust and respect.

Natural Background

Many marketers fail to consider the effect that their background has on their audience. To get the most from your effort, try to use natural backgrounds as often as possible. Also, avoid using a background that has a lot of movement or action, which will distract your viewers from your message.

Use Captions

Not all of your viewers will watch your videos with their sound turned on, so it’s important you add captions to your video. Also, use captions in several languages so that you can reach an international audience. Getting started might be difficult, but subtitling services can help.

Captions can also be used to highlight key points of your videos to make it easier for your audience to take notes. Each caption, however, must be timed well with the content of the video if you don’t want to confuse anyone.

Video SEO

Although standard search engine optimization can take weeks or months to produce results, video SEO is much faster. You must first do some research and determine which keywords are relevant to your product get the best search volume. Next, focus your content around those terms and place them in the title. Once you have completed your videos, upload them to various social sites.

You might have to promote your content manually at first, but you will start getting more views once you start getting a higher level of engagement.

Call to Action

Each video you produce must have a goal in mind, inspiring your audience to take action. If you have a sales video, always encourage your audience to buy your product or service. Not every video that you create will be used directly for sales, but educational videos must compel your views to subscribe to your social sites or your email list.

You can repeatedly contact your leads and build relationships with them when you get them to sign up, which will increase their likelihood of making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

A powerful video marketing campaign will help you take your business to the next level, and you can keep the attention of your audience like never before. Although offering value plays a major role in your success, never be afraid to encourage your readers to buy from you or to join your mailing list.

When you upload videos to social sites, always keep keyword optimization in mind, and you will enjoy the benefits of SEO. You might not reach your desired outcome overnight, but remaining persistent will provide you with impressive results.