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Abhinav Jain


May 31, 2013


5 On-page Optimization Strategies to Rank for Tricky Keywords

May 31, 2013 | By | 3 Comments">3 Comments

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a field that is constantly evolving. But how to do it is a question whose answer changes all the time for this particular field.

Things that worked before don’t work now, and hence – there can’t be a permanent guide to SEO.

However, there are a few handy tips that can work as good strategies as far as SEO strategy is concerned….

AND these general tips can be assumed to work (almost) for forever!

1. Longer content always works

Though lengthy posts are not much appreciated by analysts but the ultimate truth is that now days they have become a critical ranking factor. It is an undeniable fact that longer blog posts rank higher in the search engines than shorter ones of exactly same quality.

This means that a detailed post can rank your blog higher than a small and more meaningful.

2. Linking to external sources is good

Yes, the above statement holds true. Linking to external sources is a good SEO booster. The more number of external links a post has, the better it is in terms of SEO strategy. The more you link to important locations, the more search engines will take you seriously.

If you want certain post of yours to rank for a particular keyword, then it is a smart option to link from that post to some of the top ranking external sources for that particular keyword. This would form a super-web of significance that Google won’t be able to ignore.

It is a powerful method that would align your blog content with other content that Google trusts already.

3. Advisable to use LSI keywords in the content

Using LSI words are advisable as Google has started giving over-optimization updates as well. Though this makes use of keywords a very balancing act but can be monotonous as well. Therefore, one should use LSI keywords instead.

As defined in Wikipedia, LSI or latent semantic indexing is a procedure being used by search engines to recognize patterns in the relationships between provisions and concepts limited in an unstructured compilation of text.

One can discover LSI keywords to add to their content to make it more pertinent to their target key phrase by using a tilde (~) before root keyword in Google Search.

4. Optimization of blog for social sharing is a must

Search engines are very anxious about how people are engaging with somebody’s content, and they use those social signals to decide what abilities should be given to views. So the higher the social activities generated around a blog content, the better is its chance of ranking for targeted keywords.

One may add social sharing buttons that be visible to the readers so that if they like your content they do share it.

5. Improve the loading time of the post

The search engines consider slow loading pages to be spam values whereas fast loading ones are considered as valued. One has to increase the speed of their site and value of quotient of their blog would increase in the eyes of the search engines as well.  Page’s loading time can be increased by use of Google Lab’s Page Speed Insight tool. This tool shows elements that slow down the site.

These are few evergreen tips of on page optimization techniques. They’ll surely increase the value of any BLOG.

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