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Social Media Marketing for Business

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David A. George


May 14, 2013

Social Media Savvy: 7 Things Every Small Business Needs to Know

What if I told you…by the end of this article you WILL be a more savvy and effective solutions-provider, marketer, and communicator to your customers. How? …Because it’s all about empowering yourself to say exactly what you want to say to whomever you want to say it. And it’s more than just posting status updates and pictures of kittens.

It’s more than just increasing your business’s fan base and followers. Marketing studies show that customers are willing to pay a premium price, sometimes up to 20%, as long as the product or service you offer is coupled with the right things!

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Sam DeBord


April 17, 2013

How to Setup Google Authorship for Personable SEO

April 17, 2013 | By | 8 Comments">8 Comments

You’ve probably seen more and more pictures of writers showing up next to search results.  Google has implemented an Authorship Markup tool that allows writers to identify themselves to the search engine by linking their online works to their Google+ profiles.

This allows for a blog, article, or website to stand out from the crowded search results with a picture of the writer inserted next to its description.

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