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Jay M. Tucker


January 16, 2015

How Exceptional Customer Care Drives Word of Mouth Marketing

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There are few things that can make someone happier than genuine surprise. Whether that’s one of your best friends bringing your favorite cookies after you get a promotion, or if it’s simply a letter of encouragement from someone close to you when you are going through rough times.

Personally, those are some of the memories that stick out to me the most about the individuals I consider dear to my heart. To put a cliché quote behind it, “it’s not what they did or said, but how they made you feel.”

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Wesley Brandi


November 8, 2013

Using Customer Support to Show Commitment to Your Customers

November 8, 2013 | By | 3 Comments">3 Comments

Before the internet, telephones or the Pony Express, customer support was physically corresponded in person where body language could be observed and interpreted. This experience was personal and brought a sense of self-satisfaction to both parties. Relationships were easily built, and trust could be earned over time.

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