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Lauren Wilson


December 9, 2014

How Precious Moments Captured 6,284 Emails in 4 Days

December 9, 2014 | By | One Comment">One Comment

Benjamin Franklin once said that “lost time is never found again.” If you’re busy with making your business successful, you’re probably running short on time. Are you interested in growing your email list using a quick, simple strategy? Read on to find out how Precious Moments spent a little time and no money on a campaign that captured 6,284 emails.

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Everyone knows Precious Moments; their figurines were introduced to the gift and collectible industry in 1978 when the “Original 21” figurines first launched. Since then, Precious Moments, which remain some of the most recognized collectibles in the industry, has expanded business ventures to continue producing products and co-branded merchandise with carefully selected, exceptional brands that align with and complement the goals of the company. Precious Moments continues to be a leader in the gift and collectible industry.

Setting Up the Contest

Meet Kristen and Trish, the Social Media Coordinators for Precious Moments. They had been running contests on Facebook and Instagram for a while, but they realized that they weren’t collecting any information about their fans and potential customers. This information would be beneficial in order to re-market to fans who took the time to participate.

Kristen and Trish chose to use Heyo because they realized that they could use the information gathered from campaigns to convert fans into customers, especially if they offered discounts and special offers to those who entered, after the contest had ended.

The Precious Moments team weren’t looking to spend a lot of time creating or promoting a campaign, so Heyo made it easy for them.

Time is our most valuable resource. The best part about using Heyo is that it allows us to quickly create campaigns to collect important information on our potential customers without having to include our already inundated developers and technical staff.

Kristen and Trish wanted to collect email addresses in time for the holidays, and what better way to do that than to run a Precious Moments ornament giveaway? The contest consisted of a large background closeup image of a Christmas tree, will samples of the Christmas Ornaments they were giving away. Next, they added the important countdown widget to add urgency, a form that collected name, email, and a check box to opt-in to future emails. The campaign had all the right elements for a successful sweepstakes. If you want to know more about the features of a successful contest, check out this article about a small sandwich shop’s success by my colleague, Brooks.

capture email

After they published the contest, they sent out an email to their existing list, as well as created a link share post on their timeline. These are the two basics of promoting – and they’re both pain free as far as time and money.

precious moments

Results of the Contest

The contest ran for only four days, and captured a total of 6,284 emails! Kristen and Trish were thrilled with the results, and already have their next contest ready to go. They’ve also made a plan to run ten more campaigns throughout 2015. They spent no money on ads and saved time building and promoting the campaign with Heyo.

Immediately following the Ornament Giveaway, they sent out an email to their new list with a promotional code, and were amazed to see a significant increase in sales in just two days.

Try It Out!

Do you want to capture email leads in time for the holidays and the new year? If you’re short on time, but want great results, click here to start your free trial with Heyo! No credit card required, just enter your name, email, and password to get started creating awesome contests.



Lauren Wilson is a Technical Writer and Customer Engagement Specialist at Heyo. She graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2014 with a degree in English/Professional Writing and Creative Writing.