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David A. George


February 13, 2013

45 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Use an HTML Embed Code (Pt. 1 of 3)

February 13, 2013 | By | 9 Comments">9 Comments

Part 1: Rich Multimedia

If you’ve been in the online world for any amount of time, you’ve probably run into some … wait for it … code!

Yes, that is a scary word. And aside from passing secret notes in middle school, most of us want to stay as far away from it as possible.

BUT I am here to tell you not to be afraid – because if you can copy & paste, you can code, baby!

Have you ever seen a little snippet of HTML code that looks something like this?

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” width=”300″ height=”225″ alt=”Photo of White Beach” /></a>

No matter why you are on the interwebs, using little bits of HTML code can make a HUGE difference in spicing up your Facebook page, website, or landing page – and it’s easy!

Are you ready to take your copy-and-pasting skills to the next level? Let’s jump in!

Part 1: Multimedia HTML embed codes

Video & Music

Did you know that after watching a video, 46% of people say they would be more likely to seek out more information about that product or service?

As Social Media expert, Mari Smith, says – 2013 is the year of the video. Because video is such a powerful form of marketing, I wanted to share with you some ways to pull in videos (and music) to your own Facebook Page, website, or landing page.

1. Embed relevant YouTube videos and playlists onto any page to help get that message across. Just click on the Embed option under the video, then copy and paste the HTML embed code into your page!

easy ways to use html embed code

2. Vimeo is a video service very similar to YouTube, except it is intended for more professional, higher-quality films. Fortunately, they make it really easy to embed their videos. Just click the Share button on any video, and copy the code that appears in the pop-up.

Vimeo HTML embed code

3. Show off your amazing musical tastes by placing a Spotify song or playlist directly onto your page. Just right-click on the song title or album that you want, and select Copy Embed Code.

 Spotify HTML embed code

4. Soundcloud is the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters, and composers. Easily embed your favorite songs or playlists by clicking the Share button and copying the “Widget Code.”

Soundcloud HTML embed code

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Images and Slides

Picasa HTML embed code

A picture is worth a thousand words – which is a lot to read. Good use of graphics and pictures on any Facebook page or website can significantly retain users’ attention, and reduce bounce rate.

Here are a couple ways to use HTML embed codes to get some groovy graphics on your site.

5. Display your beautiful Picasa pics on any Facebook Page or website using Picasa Slideshow. It literally takes just seconds to enter your settings, then copy the HTML code and paste it!

6. Do you have a slide deck that you use for webinars or conferences? Upload and embed a slideshare presentation to get that awesome content online. Add social sharing buttons on the same page and use the content to boost your social engagement.

Prezi HTML embed code7. Have you ever seen a Prezi? If not, you’ve never seen a slideshow like this. Use Prezi to create and embed unbelievable presentations, and your users will thank you!

8. Now this one is pretty unique – “Touch & Discover” with ThingLink. This cool little tool allows you to take graphics and images and overlay videos, sounds, music, text, and more.

easy ways to use html embed code

Fancy Website Banners

Have you ever been to a website and seen a lovely animated or scrolling banner across the top of the page? Maybe the season’s hottest shoes appear and disappear, or some popular sale items scroll across the banner space.

Whatever the purpose, beautiful high-quality banners can help pique interest in your customers and give credibility to your website.

9. HTML5 is the latest and greatest in internet languages, but the HTML5 Banner Maker takes care of actually knowing how to code it. Easily create sophisticated and beautiful banner ads and images in HTML5 that work on any device.

HTML 5 Banner Maker HTML embed code

10. BannerSnack is an online banner maker app that helps you create interactive flash banner ads and other content at the speed of light. Create an engaging and pretty banner and place it onto your site easily by copying and pasting the HTML code.

bannersnack HTML embed code

Your Turn

Well there you have it – 10 ways to use HTML embed codes for multimedia purposes. Are these good tips, or do you regularly use any of these? Tell me in the comments below!

Make sure to check out Part 2: Social Media HTML embeds!



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