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Jim Risner


November 7, 2011

Collect E-Mails Like the Guru’s

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Before you jump the gun and start collecting those emails like a boss, you first want to determine why you’re collecting emails.

Once you have established that, you can use these quick, easy, and effective tips to collect e-mails like a  “guru”!

1. Make it addicting

This can be anything from special deals, to exclusive content, to being the first to know about your fancy new thingamajig coming out. Whatever it may be, make it enticing, and something that they can’t get anywhere else. This plays into the logic equation folks ask themselves “Why in the heck would I give my e-mail information to you?” dWell, giving them something worth value will answer this question and it’s a win win for everyone!

Zatarain’s is running a sweepstakes where you can win a trip for two to the 2012 Allstate BCS National Championship game and more!

With an offer this good, they not only collect E-mail but other information as well. Way to score my E-mail Zatarain’s. Well played.

2. No Lie’s

One of the number one things that make people hold back on giving out their e-mail information is unwanted spam. So be honest, how many times are you going to send them e-mails? If you let them know before hand and stay true to your word then this makes people feel comfortable enough to give you the golden ticket. If you say that you are going to send an e-mail once a month, then keep to it, this will let them know you are reliable and gain their trust so they won’t unsubscribe!

Notice the “Weekly” part? Hint.. Hint.. 😉

3. The six second sign-up

On the internet attention spans dramatically decrease. You need a six second sign up. No one wants to go through 10 different pages and 3 various websites for them to give you their email. Making people jump through hoops for them to give you their information is a pain, and will make people shy away from giving you their info.

Scotts Lawn Care Products is offering lawn care tips and special offers to those who chuck over their e-mail.

Although they don’t have the form right on their page, they have a button there that says “sign up” which takes you to the form. Easy enough for me! Now, maybe I will be able to keep my grass green for a few months longer…

4. No crash landings

A user is more likely to see your capture form if it is presented to them as soon as they land on your page. It’s simple, users come to your page because they are super interested. Don’t create a bunch of crash landings with inefficient landing pages. Stick that form right on the page.

Right on the landing tab, now that’s “good stuff”!

5. I’m better than you

This is a sure-fire way to get e-mails. Pull out the competitive edge every human being has. Make them feel like they are special and unique and you’ve got a capture form winner! Heck, make them feel like a hero if you can.

Restore the Gulf are collecting E-mails for a petition.It reads “By signing this petition you add your name to the list of Americans demanding a plan, fully funded and implemented, for the restoration of the Gulf of Mexico, its coastlines and wetlands.”Now, who wouldn’t want to help restore the Gulf? Exactly.

Plus, a share button to share with your friends AND you can sign it right on their page. Winning.

6. Multi-channel = multi millions

Let people know about your e-mail capture from multiple channels. Attach a link on your e-mails to people, business cards, anything you can outside of Facebook to let people know about your capture. Doing this along with letting them know why you want their email can strike enough curiosity for them to go for it!   Collecting emails like a boss? Enter a link to your sign up form in the comments!