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Kristen Stack


Septembre 29, 2016

6 Social Boo Boos That Limit Your Personal Brand

If you want to make a living off your personal brand, you must cultivate digital authority. Naturellement, you need to own the blogging and social sphere, as this is where most influencers live. Vous moût have a Facebook, Gazouillement, LinkedIn, etc. You should also have a home for all your unique content (cough, cough: blog.) Failure to master these platforms will stunt your digital growth.

redhead girl in red tartan dress with money on pink background.

En outre, the following social media boo boos will have you taking one step forward, three steps back. What’s the point of having a personal brand if you’re not making the most of every opportunity to engage? Run through this six point checklist, and make sure your efforts coincide.

1. Votre ‘about meis comatose.

Keep it short and sweet. Be interesting, but don’t tell your life story. Rappeler, the thesaurus is your friend. Spice up your bio with unexpected verbiage or a tongue in cheek anecdote. Par exemple, instead of calling yourself amarketing specialist,” givemarketing groupiea try. You want your brand to stand out. If your about me is blablabla, you’ll easily get lost in the mix. The wordsspecialist, professeur, and consultantare boring and overused.

2. Your profile photo is unrecognizable.

Stop trying to be someone you’re not. Here’s a great rule to follow when snapping a new profile pic. Would your friends and family immediately recognize that as you? If your mother was scrolling through Facebook, and saw that photo, would she instantly be likeThere’s my son/daughter!” If your own mother thinks the photo is unrecognizable, everyone will.

Even on LinkedIn, your profile photo shouldn’t look stuffy. (Unless, for some reason, stuffy is your brand. Dans ce cas,, rock the serious face.) Smile. Showcase your most natural self. Résultat financier: make sure your mom knows it’s you. Don’t confuse your brand by using heavily filtered/altered pics.

3. You’ve got friends in low places.

If you went to my Facebook profile, and saw I was friends with one of America’s Most Wanted, you’d judge me. Don’t say you wouldn’t. In fact you might not want to do business with meor even be my friend. Most people would avoid someone with an association like that. Et, if they’re notmight want to reconsider that friendship. D'autre part, if you’re aligning with key influencers, you’ll be considered an expert by association. Obviously it takes more than one social shout out, but if you constantly get retweeted by Seth Godin, you’re on the right track. More often than not, associate with digital thought leaders who will heighten your brand reputation.

4. You don’t know where your fans are.

Are you spending all your time on Twitter when Facebook boasts better engagement? Think carefully about how you divvy up your hours. Soyons honnêtes. You can’t equally commit 8 hours a day to each social platform. En fait, two might be pushing it. For this reason alone, know your audience. Where do they “vivre,” in a digital sense? En outre, find out what platform gives the best return. If thousands of your followers migrate to Instagram, but there’s no real way to quantify referral traffic or income from this source, look for an alternative. I recommend maintaining a primary social presence on one of the top platforms; and then maintaining 1-2 other sources.

5. You regurgitate content.

Do you always share blog posts that aren’t your own? Are you re-gramming like a fiend? Although it’s always good to spread the love, you still need to create your propre unique content. The digital world needs votre voix. Contribute original content on a weekly basis; au moins. Keep your content marketing efforts fresh. En plus de cela, use social media to build a marketing web of communication. Promote your email marketing list on Twitter. Run a Facebook ad to grow your text marketing list. If all your channels are working together in one uniformed fashion, your efforts to grow your digital community will offer an exponential return.

6. You don’t follow 2-3 consistent brand themes.

If people know you as a personal trainer, but you regularly post about politicsmight not be the best course of action. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but if you want to build a strong brand, you need to pick content themes. No one person can be an expert on 300 different topics. Attempting this does nothing for building authority. Do some soul searching. Demandez-vous, “Where can I offer the most insight?” Choisir 2-3 topics that showcase your talent and experience. D'une manière générale, make sure these topics align or connect in some way. Par exemple, I might pick branding, le marketing de contenu, and entrepreneurship as my three. Each one relates to the other. Don’t be too random. Par exemple, if you’re trying to brand yourself as a cake decorating, oil changing, opera singing expertyou might have a hard time pulling off that trifecta.

Now here’s a question. Why social media? How do these digital platforms boost your personal brand?

  • You can engage in real time. Prime: Some channels now allow you to go live with your content. This is yet another reason to use social media for brand building.
  • It’s like a “vous” museum. Fans can get to know you at their own leisure.
  • The analytics are advanced. With Facebook specifically, you can see where your top followers live, how old they are, and what content they enjoy engaging with.
  • You can add and remove content as you please. Feel like an old post doesn’t represent you or your brand anymore? Go ahead and hitdelete.

Rappeler, owning the internet doesn’t have to be difficult. Mais, if you’re not giving social communities a solid effort, you won’t ever build an engaged and loyal following. You’ll experience low brand interest. People won’t care about what you have to say, and your message most likely won’t be consistent. Your social community is counting on you for an above average effort; don’t let them down. Whip your social media prowess into shape by avoiding those six boo boos.

Cassie Phillips


Février 10, 2016

Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Blog on Social Media?



Your blog is a more valuable possession than you might think. It is linked to hundreds or thousands of subscribers and readers, and all of them have information that might be profitable to hackers or other data miners. You have a responsibility to protect them, and the best way you can do that is to protect your blog.

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Christina Sullivan


Décembre 16, 2015

Comment Campagne vacances de Trind conversion à fil 30%

Looking to grow your email list for your business? Courir un concours Facebook est un excellent moyen de le faire, surtout quand vous avez un public actif et engagé.

Voilà exactement ce que Trind did leading up to the holidays. Read on to see how they launched a successful social giveaway app.

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Brad Friedman


Novembre 11, 2015

Lorsque pour poster sur Twitter

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Pam Dyer


Novembre 10, 2015

Optimisez vos messages sur LinkedIn, Facebook, Gazouillement, Pinterest et Plus


Création d'un excellent contenu ne suffit pas.

Si vous voulez que les gens partagent, vous devez tenir compte de la dynamique de chacun de vos réseaux sociaux et d'optimiser vos messages pour chaque. Cette volonté optimiser le partage et vous aider à construire votre marque, engager avec vos clients cibles, créer des ambassadeurs de la marque, et, finalement, améliorer l'acquisition de plomb et les ventes. A défaut de polir vos messages signifie que votre contenu ne sera pas partagée autant, limiter votre capacité à croître votre auditoire.

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Pam Dyer


Novembre 5, 2015

Comment favoriser une cohésive Marque Social Media

Cohesive Social Media Brand

Êtes-vous en utilisant marketing des médias sociaux pour étendre la portée de votre marque?

Dans l'affirmative, vous utilisez probablement plus d'une plateforme. Gazouillement et Facebook sont les réseaux sociaux les plus importants, mais d'autres aiment Pinterest, Google , LinkedIn, YouTube, et Instagram sont des canaux très précieux ainsi. Lorsque vous gérez plusieurs profils, il est essentiel de présenter un message de marque cohérente et uniforme dans tous les. Dans le cas contraire, vous courez le risque de créer la confusion la marque et de diffuser des messages contradictoires à votre auditoire.

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Kevan Lee


Novembre 4, 2015

Quoi 1 Millions de tweets nous a appris comment les gens Tweet succès [Infographie]

Tweet Successfully

Donné 140 caractères, comment pouvez-vous faire le plus absolu de chaque mot, hashtag, et un lien dans un tweet?

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