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Social Media Marketing for Business

Jonathon Ohayon


August 9, 2016

8 Ways to Use Facebook to Increase Sales

By 2017, ad spending on social networks is predicted to represent 16% of all digital ad spending. Companies all over the world are seeing the value of social media as a selling platform. But with so many social networks, it can be difficult to know where to start. A fact to consider is that Shopify determined that Facebook had the highest conversion rate out of all the social networks considered.



Simply posting company updates on Facebook is not enough to generate new sales. It is important to cultivate a marketing plan for social media the way you would any other channel in your arsenal. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using Facebook to increase sales:

  1. Keep the process simple: Every extra click or additional page that a consumer has to interact with reduces conversion by 15%. If you can, have a built-in “F-Commerce” Facebook store right within your page. If this is not possible, make sure to directly link to the page you want consumers to buy from to reduce the amount of unnecessary clicks.

  2. Leverage sharing contests: Contests that garner likes and comments are great. But what’s better is contests where you ask contestants to share something on their own personal timelines involving your product. This way your company can have the chance to reach a whole new network of people. You can get help running these with the team at Heyo if you aren’t sure how.

  3. Take advantage of messaging features: It is faster and more convenient for your consumer if they can message you directly on Facebook. Treat this as seriously as you would other forms of communication and it can help you close sales.

  4. Host a “flash sale”: The key to a flash sale is to keep it short and at a semi-unknown time. Let people know they have to keep checking back to your page for the announcement of a flash sale within a given period of time, such as a week. This will increase traffic as people get used to checking your page for the flash sale announcement.

  5. Avoid “curiosity clicks”: If you are paying per click on a Facebook ad, every click counts. So you want these clicks to convert, not just visit and look around. You can do this by prequalifying leads. What this means is providing all the basic “curiosity” information a customer might need, such as price, the countries you ship to, and a picture of the product. If they click after knowing all this information, they probably want to buy.

  1. Lead consumers through a process: If you’re going to be having a special sale or discount, don’t just post about it day-of. This helps create buzz for your product, provides you feedback on which products your customer base is most excited about, and gives a chance for more people to be reached then could by just one post.

  2. Show practical pictures: If your product is a physical one people can “use”, take out the mystery. Show someone ACTUALLY using the product. In some cases, video could be even more useful. For example, seeing a stain cleaner clear up a carpet stain is a lot more compelling than a picture of a spray bottle.

  3. Make careful use of targeting: You can target your ad to an extremely specific audience- take advantage of this. If you know women aged 20-24 who have gone to college and live in rural areas are most likely to buy your hat – make sure they see the ad and not anyone else. It’s easy to fall into the trap “the more people who see this ad the better”, but in reality you want quality over quantity.


Nothing on Facebook is going to happen overnight. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. But if you focus on testing different campaigns, tracking, and evaluating, then you can build on what works until you turn Facebook into a profit machine for your business. And if you have success, don’t forget to try some of these tactics on your other social networks!

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Jonathon Ohayon


Jonathon Ohayon is the COO of ( and has been managing companies and motivating people since the 6th grade. As a proven business leader and gemologist, he is uniquely skilled in navigating the ever changing e-commerce landscape. When he is not answering emails into the wee hours of the night, he can be found
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