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Jessica Fritsche


July 9, 2013

[Infographic] What The Beatles Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

The Beatles are quite possibly the most influential pop culture icons in history. Their music has reached millions ‘Across the Universe’ and stood the tests of major shifts in the music industry and more importantly, time.

Over the weekend, The Beatles very own Ringo Starr celebrated his 73rd birthday. In his honor, we bring you this special infographic to see what the Beatles can teach us in the internet age about content marketing.

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David A. George


July 12, 2012

25 Ways Bands on Facebook Can Sell More Records

Bands, Artists, Musicians, listen up!

I feel you. Most of the time, your pockets are empty – any money you had is now going to that brand new Les Paul guitar or AKG studio mic you’ve had your eye on.

BUT, your beats are hard, your music is rockin’, and your shows are killer – still it seems nearly impossible to have rock hard sales.

And how can that little, teeny-bopper Justin Beiber kid be one of the most popular entertainers today? (I struggle to call him an artist)

Because his PR people understand the power of social media!

Read more to instantly see these 25 free tactics for artists, musicians, and bands on Facebook…

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