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March 20, 2014

How a Band Grew Fan Page Likes 23% on a $0 Budget

March 20, 2014 | By | 2 Comments">2 Comments

If you run a Facebook page and are looking to add 1,750 high-quality likes, keep reading.

Meet Maggie. She runs the Average Joes Entertainment Facebook page and was looking for a way to get more likes.

Ultimately, she wanted to turn these likes into leads so she could promote the Country Gone Wild Spring 2014 tour featuring The Moonshine Bandits and The Lacs.

Here’s the catch. Maggie didn’t have a budget and she’s not a developer or a coder yet she still drove incredible results:

“By using Heyo’s software we’ve added over 1,750 likes to our company’s Facebook page and we’ve added over 900 emails to our database,” said Maggie.

How Maggie Got 1,750 Likes and 900 Emails

Maggie is a Heyo customer who used the contest template, available on all Heyo plans, to get started.

Once she had the contest template selected, she began to customize it without having to know any code. By simply clicking on the image in the upper left, she uploaded her own logo for Average Joes Entertainment to foster brand recognition.

Next, she clicked the larger image on the right and uploaded an image of The Lacs and The Moonshine Bandits featuring the Spring 2014 tour.  This image highlighted what the contest’s incentive was: 2 Free Tickets to the Spring 2014 Tour.

After she uploaded the image, she customized the text below the image to highlight tour dates and information.

AVJ Primary_Fan Page Likes

Here’s where Maggie really powered up the contest. In order for fans to win the contest, Maggie asked them to go through 4 simple steps.

First, she asked them to enter their email.

Second, she asked them to click “Like” to drive likes on the Average Joes Entertainment fan page.

Third, she asked them to click “Share” so that more people would join the contest.

Lastly, she asked participants to click “Tweet” in order to drive additional Twitter traffic to the contest.

Keep in mind, the only required step to enter the contest is entering an email. It is against Facebook’s Terms of Service to require users to click “like” or “share” to enter a contest.

The way Maggie designed this contest with the contest template encouraged participants to click “like”, “share,” and “tweet,” but did not make it a requirement.

Once Maggie customized steps 2-4 with the share verbiage, link to be shared, and Twitter handle to tweet at, she then moved to the publish phase in the Heyo editor.

In this phase Maggie was able to see a preview of the campaign before publishing it live. The Heyo platform automatically converted Maggie’s Facebook contest into a mobile-optimized version as well.

This means that if Maggie uses the Smart URL link that Heyo gives her, it won’t matter if her viewers click through the link from a mobile device or a desktop, they’ll see the appropriate experience below.

Average Joes

There’s never been a link as smart as this one!

How You Can Grow Your Own Likes by 23%

If you’re looking to clone the campaign Maggie ran, you can easily do so by using the Heyo Contest Template, available on all of our plans.

When you launch the campaign, keep the following things in mind:

First, make sure you pick an incentive that aligns with your ideal customer. For Maggie, giving away tickets to the show resonated with her fans.

If you are a cupcake shop in Green Bay, don’t give away country tickets. Instead, try 12 cupcakes and two tickets to a Green Bay Packers game. Make sure you choose a strong, emotional incentive and upload an image of the incentive as the primary image on the template.

Next, be sure to customize your share text to attract extra traffic. Below are screenshots of how Maggie customized the share button with the message “I just entered to win 2 tickets to the ‘Country Gone Wild’ Tour w/ The Lacs and Moonshine Bandits.” When participants share this with their friends, those friends then want in on the contest too.

Post to Facebook

She also customized the tweet text to ensure followers of participants clicked the link to join in on the contest.

Customized Link

By learning from Maggie and following the same steps she did, you, too, can increase your fan base by 23% in under 10 days with no advertising budget.

The icing on the cake was that Maggie also captured 900 new emails to promote the tour! See you at the grandstand.



Nathan Latka has supported the growth of over 100,000 small businesses using social media and data driven campaigns — all without a college degree.