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Emily Goodrich


July 14, 2014

How AAA Mineapolis Increased Fan Engagement with Heyo

July 14, 2014 | By | 2 Comments">2 Comments

Are you looking to drive engagement on your fan page? Have you thought of running a quick, event related contest?

Meet Heyo customer, Jaime Christianson, Social Media Coordinator at AAA Minneapolis. She wanted to drive likes and engagement with fans in AAA Minneapolis’ geographical region of service. To do this, she set up a three day sweepstakes for Minnesota Wild tickets during playoffs. Read on to find out how Jamie maximized AAA’s email leads and increased fan engagement!

Jamie was looking for a way to quickly set up a sweepstakes that was easy on AAA’s budget and her own design and development skill set. She didn’t have time to go through the entire design and development process. Heyo made it easy for him – with the Heyo Sweepstakes template, she was able to drag and drop the images and widgets she needed onto a pre-designed template.


Jamie’s contest was extremely successful with her fans. The contest itself got 4924 unique views and captured 2066 emails. That’s a conversion rate of 40 percent! How did this contest work so well? Jamie knows AAA Minneapolis’ customers.

AAA Minneapolis had the prize and timing of their sweepstakes down. Jamie launched the campaign for just three days, so the sense of urgency was high. The tickets AAA offered were hard to come by because of expense, and played to current events – the Wild had made the playoffs.

An extra zip code step, therefore, didn’t deter fans eligible for the sweepstakes.

Heyo provided Jamie with the tools to make a custom ‘zip code gate’ using our HTML widget and some code made in-house. The resultant gate only allowed fans in AAA Minneapolis’ service area to see the giveaway. All captured emails were valid leads; this means that AAA doesn’t have to send out emails and watch a ton of people unsubscribe after the sweepstakes is over.


While I would not recommend a gate for every business, gates like these can work for businesses that have a specific area of service. For example, AAA Minneapolis serves one county in Minnesota; therefore, the zip code gate makes sense, since fans outside of the Hennepin county area wouldn’t be valid leads for email marketing.

Getting More Fan Engagement

Jamie was looking for more than just a high email conversion rate – she was also looking for more fan engagement on the AAA Minneapolis fan page. AAA Minneapolis has a fan base of about 2037 people on Facebook, and the page uploads content daily. But the content wasn’t seeing the kind of engagement Jamie was looking for.

So, when Jamie decided to run the Wild Giveaway, she sent out an email blast to her fans, announcing the contest. Because she tied the contest to something she knew her fans would love – hockey – the contest encouraged fans to check out more of AAA’s content.

Since [the contest], our daily posts are getting the attention and engagement that I feel they deserved from the beginning. People will go above and beyond to interact with brands if it means they’re associated with things that they’re passionate about – things that impact their quality of life.

Your Turn

Want to run a Facebook sweepstakes and capture emails like Jamie? Check out Heyo’s Sweepstakes template and start your own sweepstakes like the one in this case study by clicking here! Just put in your name, email, and create a new password to check out templates like this one for free.

Emily Goodrich


Emily Goodrich is a Technical Writer at Heyo. She is a Senior studying Creative and Professional Writing at Virginia Tech.