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Christina Sullivan


July 23, 2015

3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Images for Your Heyo Cart Posts

Heyo Cart, Heyo’s new social selling tool, allows you to sell your products directly to your fans in their Facebook newsfeed. Your fans comment ‘buy’ and you make money.

We all know the importance of a strong image when posting on social media – Heyo Cart posts are no exception.

Below I’ve included three tips (plus one bonus tip!) to help you have the most success with Heyo Cart, starting with your image.

1. Start With The Right Dimensions

In order for your image to display properly on Facebook, the right dimensions are key. We recommend sizing your image 1200 pixels wide by 627 pixels tall for best results. The minimum size you can use to post and still have your image display properly is 600 x 314. Any smaller and your image will be shrunk down to just a thumbnail! Keep in mind that the ratio is important as well. If your image is too wide or too tall, important parts of the image may not be visible in the newsfeed.


2. Use a Great Photograph

Don’t overlook the photograph itself! You have an opportunity here to catch your fans’ eyes as they scroll through their newsfeed and put your product on display. You can use a high-quality image of your product itself, your headshot next to your product or even a beautiful stock photo that represents what your product is all about. Bright colors and images with human faces, especially smiling faces, tend to work best.

Here are some awesome stock photo sites we use and love ourselves:

Unsplash / Pexels /  Stokpic


3. Include a Call to Action

Educate and entice your fans with a clear Call to Action on your image! You can overlay text to instruct them to “Comment ‘Buy'” to purchase. This will help them clearly understand the next step to take to purchase your product (since many Facebook users may look at your image before reading your status!) Other call outs you could add include things like “Limited Time Offer!” or “Facebook Fan Exclusive!”

Not a Photoshop expert? That’s okay! Here are some user-friendly photo editors you can use:

Canva / PicMonkey /  Fotor


Heyo Cart - Fans comment 'buy', you make money.


Pro Tip: Keep It Under 20%

Here’s a pro tip for you: Make sure the text takes up less than 20% of your image. One way to increase sales is to boost your post. However, Facebook has a strict limit on the amount of text you can use in your image to avoid overly spammy posts. Make sure you stick to 20% or less text if you plan to boost your post (which we highly recommend!)

Here’s a free tool to help you measure the amount of text on your image: 20% Grid Tool

Your Turn

Give it a shot yourself and create a post at Share your post link in the comments below, along with any additional suggestions or questions you might have!

Heyo Cart is designed to sell digital products. Are you interested in selling physical products? Click here to apply for the private beta.

Christina Sullivan


Christina graduated from Virginia Tech in 2013 and is incredibly passionate about design, marketing and branding. Before working as Director of Brand Strategy at Heyo, Christina was Director of Marketing and Communications at a nonprofit regional technology organization.