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Social Media Marketing for Business

David George


June 10, 2012

3 Real Estate Facebook Strategies to Close More Deals

June 10, 2012 | By | 15 Comments">15 Comments

All you need are your commissions.

And you’re constantly working to stake in that “Sold” sign.

The Real Estate professionals who close five figures in commissions use social media marketing. So why aren’t you meeting your goals? The problem is, you don’t have the time to study all these tactics – but we do!

Continue to read everything you need to know in under 60 seconds…

Three examples of effective Real Estate social media

The Corcoran Group has created a powerful net through their social outlets that captures every potential listing and/or buyer.

Keller Williams Realty has done a great job at tying their social efforts together. They post in one place, and get more bang for their buck by repurposing their content. has people begging to pay them for an apartment right on their fan page! What would you do if you never had to find another lead again? Get them coming straight to you!

These examples are great, but what does it mean for your real estate practice?

Real Estate Facebook page strategy

real estate facebookCorcoran Group gets it.

With nearly 50,000 Likes on their Facebook page, the NYC residential real estate firm is a stellar example of going the extra mile to make themselves available for buyers and sellers.

Through various social media channels, they give clients the ability to communicate with them openly and at any time.

They have a ‘Do More’ tab on their Fan Page that allows users to link to a variety of different links – including links to their Publications, YouTube, Twitter, Foursquare, housing market reports, and an RSS feed (imagine how beautiful it could look with Heyo)!

Through this transparent and available system, Corcoran has opened doors everywhere for their audience – turning fans and followers into buyers and sellers.


real estate facebook

Keller Williams Realty is also a social media star.

Through engaging posts and quality content (e.g. “10 mind-blowing indoor pools” post and video library), KW Realty has secured a sincere audience on Facebook.

Not only do they have a tab allowing fans to view their videos, they also offer really simple ways to connect (e.g. RSS feed).

Through engaging customers via creative posts and interesting and relevant content, KW Realty has proved there’s true power behind the connections made with current and potential clients through social media.


real estate facebookOur last example, – an apartment lifestyle guide and finder – has done a remarkable job attracting new business and keeping current fans engaged!

Take one look at their Facebook page and, apart from the 60,000+ Likes, you’ll see dozens of requests for apartments from their fans. Each request is promptly responded to, in order to increase engagement and close deals.

Take a look on their wall and you’ll see all kinds of great ideas for sharing content to drive traffic. They have even effectively utilized the ubiquitous kitty-photo (doing this with good taste is not always easy)!

In addition, they have a YouTube channel that has grown from nearly 1,500 videos in 2010, to a current library of over 11,500 videos! Video views? Over 951,000 times!

Can you imagine the traffic generated from just those videos alone?

Your Turn

Have you tried creating or curating interesting content for your fans on Facebook? What have you found to be successful or unsuccessful. Share in the comments below!

Bonus: How to close leads on a Facebook page to make more commissions


David A. George is the Chief Content Creator at Heyo. I'm passionate about marketing, Android, being at the beach, and breathing underwater. I'd love to connect with you on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Or email me at dgeorge(at)

  • Saundra Jackson


    I would love to comment but there is not enough information. The continue button does not work.

    • David

      Hi Saundra! If you were able to comment on this post, you should be able to read the whole thing. The “continue” button only shows up on the blog’s homepage. Are you able to read the words, “3 Examples of Effective Real Estate Social Media”? If so, that’s the next line 🙂

  • Elaine Zimmerman

    You’ve got me thinking! I need to reach beyond my immediate FB friends, to their friends, who might be in the market to buy in my area of expertise. It looks like after a webinar or two, following your lead, I should be increasing traffic followed by sales in the near future.

    • David

      Yes, Elaine – you’ve got it! Friends of friends can be so powerful, especially because Facebook gives you an unspoken connection with them by having “mutual friends.” More mutual friends = a stronger recommendation 🙂

  • belinda

    Finding that people are most interested in unique decorating tips and clever things to do around the home, sourcing this information for them is time consuming but gets good response

    • David George

      That’s a very good point Belinda! Do you post design tips and decoration ideas from your fan page?

      • belinda

        I find decorating tips etc on the internet and then paste on our fan page

  • Trish Estabrook


  • Trish Estabrook

    My facebook page is facebook/trishestabrook, Realtor

    • David George

      Hi Trish, thanks for commenting! Realty definitely has a place in social media. How long have you been on Facebook?

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  • Glenn S. Ferguson

    Great example David…