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Social Media Marketing for Business

Andreea Ayers


April 5, 2013

[INFOGRAPHIC] 30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts in 2013

You spent hours researching, writing, finding graphics and uploading your blog’s posts, but your work isn’t done yet.

To get the most out of each blog post, you need to promote it as much as you can.

Here is an infographic on 30 ways to promote your blog posts, most of which are free – yay!

Print out this handy graphic, and check off each item as you do it.

With a little work and planning, you’ll get the most leverage out of each post…

30 ways to promote your blog posts

Andreea Ayers


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  • Mike Macey

    I like the 10 syndication links.

    • Kane Ford

      Agreed, by far the most useful.

  • Andreea

    Thanks so much for sharing this!!!!

    • Alex Shamy

      Thank you for contributing your hard work Andrea! If you ever want to submit any additional work, let me know! – Alex

  • Jule

    This is really helpful and opened my eyes to a lot of new sites!

  • Aaron

    I believe the most effective is getting connected with social media and also posting on sites like Digg, Mashable, and Reddit. These get your blog out to a very large amount of people in a short amount of time. I also think you should spend a lot of time trying to get familiar with other blogs. You are going to find a lot of blogs that are more successful than yours, so it’s good to see what you can do better. You can also find a lot of blogs that you can post comments on and get involved. Great post!

    • Alex Shamy

      How do you ‘post’ on Mashable, Aaron? Is there a community that I don’t know about?!

  • Joana

    Thanks for sharing this- really good info on there. I’d add to the social media bit, especially under G+- there’s so many benefits of using G+! Contributing to various communities with relevant blog posts works really well too- just make sure you don’t look like you’re spamming or you may get kicked out!

    • Alex Shamy

      Absolutely, Joana! Thanks for the tip. I’m a HUGE fan of Google Communities and have a strict rule for our community managers to comment on several threads with constructive feedback before even THINKING about posting our own content. – Alex

  • Mary Morton

    Great content and I like the infogram method! Thanks for sharing!

    • Alex Shamy

      Thank YOU Mary – glad you enjoyed it. Do you have a blog yourself? – Alex