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February 14, 2011

How To: Keep Fans on Custom Tab AFTER They Click Like

February 14, 2011 | By | 21 Comments">21 Comments

With the new changes, Facebook has changed the way fans experience your page. Specifically, when new visitors click the “like” button, then are then redirected to the wall instead of staying on the tab to see “fan only” content. This can be frustrating for users who would like fans to stay on a custom tab.

The Problem:

Most fan page owners are used to giving an incentive for users to click like to “reveal” fan only content. Unfortunately once you click the “Like” button at the top of the page, Facebook now redirects the new fan to your Fan Page wall. Boring. The question then becomes, is there a way to get the “Like” and still provide the new fan with great value? While the wall can provide value, many Fan Page owners feel its not optimal. We agree. So what’s the solution?

The Solution:

What we’ve come up with as the most effective workaround is to embed your own custom like button directly into the fan page. When users click “Like” they do indeed like your page AND it keeps them on the tab with the custom content. As an idea strategy, users could put this under a welcome tab video. In the video, you can encourage users to click “like” and then resume checking out the tab for fan content. This is certainly a better solution then sending them to the wall but is admittedly not ideal. Facebook tends to listen to overwhelming opinions from its users. If you, like us, would like the old way back, leave a comment below! Until then, this work-a-round will have to suffice.

Here is the workaround video:

Got other ideas? Add them below!



Nathan Latka has supported the growth of over 100,000 small businesses using social media and data driven campaigns — all without a college degree.

  • Nathan Latka

    Although we have this workaround, we are really hoping FB decides to change this as it really does detract from the Fan Page experience! Don’t you agree?

    • Tim Ware

      I’m pretty sure it’s a bug, Nathan. My programmer & I checked into it a little deeper and it looks like a coding error, specifically the presence of the setting for “preserve_tab=1” aka “preserve_tab:true”. I opened a bug report on Bugzilla:

      • Nathan Latka

        Thanks for that feedback Tim! Certainly is just a workaround, not a long term solution. Cheers

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  • Owen McGab Enaohwo

    Okay on my page I use a reveal code. If I implement what you suggested in this blog post once they click Like, will it open the second sequence in my reveal code?

    Also any ideas on how to accomplish it with IFrames?

    • Nathan Latka

      Upon the user clicking refresh, yes, it will reveal the fan only content. iFrames enable you to pull in from a website. If you build your website out with a like button, it’ll work no problem 🙂


      • Owen McGab Enaohwo

        Did you test this on an Iframe application in which you made the default landing tab for the FB page?

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  • Tim Ware

    Nice post, Nathan. My programmer & I have reviewed this Like redirecting to Wall issue and I wrote up a report on my blog:

    We conclude it’s a bug, not intentional. An examination of the underlying code confirms this. Let me know if your mileage varies.

    • Nathan Latka

      Yup, it is certainly a bug. Just a neat little trick 🙂 Thanks for this Tim!

      • Tim Ware

        Yes. The bug report I filed this morning has been “assigned” and Facebook has noted that they’re checking into it. So I think we can breathe a little easier as I’d imagine this bug’ll get squashed in fairly short order (optimist that I am!).

        • Nathan Latka

          As far as the landing tab not working correctly? Great Tim! Thanks 😀

  • Jasontheman07

    Im using iframe and fb php SDK and when my users click like, it then reveals the “locked” version of the fan page.. they dont get directed to the wall.. so is this only happening in FBML or is it the fact that im using PHP SDK?

    test is here and tell me what u think:

    • Nathan Latka

      It’s a bug atm… (Already been submitted to Facebook)

      • Ryan Finke

        I really wish this STILL wasn’t a bug!

  • Paul

    It doesn’t seem quite right somehow… This is most certainly not coducive to a great customer experience. If I encouraged someone to click on an ad that was then sent elsewhere I’m sure the ad would show less and less frequent… You can also receive the infamous Google slap for less…

    Thanks Nathan

    • Anonymous

      The way I look at it Paul is that you want to build relationships with people that are serious about your niche/area of expertise. If anyone can engage with the content, the “quality” of folks engaging on your page from the perspective of niche knowledge will surely decrease. I enjoy the community building aspect and would rather have 10 really passionate folks then 1000 folks who are half in half out and more likely to spam their links on your wall. Just my perspective 🙂

  • Kyle Bishop

    What it you WANT the page to re-direct to your wall after the ‘Like’ button is clicked? How can I do that? Currently when ‘Liked’ our page stays on the tab. I want it to go to the wall.

    • Nathan Latka

      Kyle, I don’t think you can do this unless you are “fortunate” enough to have the bug 😀

  • Jarrett Holmes

    Nathan I still see Rachel Jackson’s page by Fan Page Factory still has the Fan Gate option. How do we do this with our Lujure pages?