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July 2, 2011

Fan Gate: Landing Tabs and Non-Fan Images

July 2, 2011 | By | 9 Comments">9 Comments

First time visitors to your Fan Page are dropped on a landing tab of your choice as soon as they find your page. What kind of impression are you making on these potential leads?

Fan Gates” are images that only those people who have not yet “Liked” your page can see. It masks your custom tab so that users have to click “like” in order to see the content you created in the Lujure Editor.

Once in the editor, simply click the thumbs down “Non-fan button”. This will open up a blank canvas for you to create your Fan-Gate masterpiece!

(NOTE, if you’re admin of the page, you will NOT see the non fan image. To confirm it works, try it in another browser where you’re not logged in)

Landing tabs along with “Non-fan images” can be a great way to entice people to “like” your page! Giving you a professional look with the value of functionality!



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  • Draxter7

    This was very helping, thanks. Finally i had a reveal tab

  • ND

    This no longer works for my tabs. It takes the use straight to the wall instead of showing the contents behind the fan gate. What to do?

    • ron

      From my understanding, it is only going to work for 1st time visitors. When ever you go back and look, it will take you straight to the “Wall”. Maybe look from someone else’s login.

      • support

        Well, it works for non-fans. Those who have not “liked” the page. If they have “liked” the page and re-visits then they will be directed to the “Wall”!

        • Adam

          Where is advanced options? Where???
          On the facebook fan page?
          On the lujure dashboard? I don’t see it ………. I’m brand new to lujure and
          am not finding it easy to use at all.
          Where are the tutorial videos?
          I only see just the couple of videos relating to the tabs I can see, but nothing to do
          with fan-gating and advanced options, etc……
          Please help.

  • Sandra Kemp

    Mine worked on my computer in the testing phase (for a contest); but then when I launched it; people who “liked” the page had to refresh to get to the contest page after “liking”. Other people couldn’t do it on their phone and others it wouldn’t work for at all (script errors etc). In the middle of the contest I had to scratch it and just make it a random drawing from people who “liked” a post. I am still hoping to find a way where only people who are Fans can win tickets or get pre-sale codes, etc. I thought Lujure Tab Fan Gate was the answer, but now I am not so sure.

    • Alex Shamy

      Hey Sandra – The Fan Gate solution should work. Do you have a URL directly to the contest so that we can dig in and see why it may not be functioning? That would be a huge help to our team and will help us help you 🙂 – Alex

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