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Brooks Tiffany


May 29, 2014

Facebook’s New Page Layout: Have You Been Updated?

With an increasing number of brands being updated to Facebook’s new page layout, we figured it was time for a refresher on the new changes and what they mean for you. Read on to make sure you’re prepared.

Some of you may have already been switched over to Facebook’s new page layout. Some of you may have been switched over only to have Facebook revert you back. Most of us, however, have probably received an invitation located between our admin panel and our cover image like the one below:

Facebook's new page layout 1

If you’re the adventurous type, you went ahead and clicked it and were greeted by this pop-up:

Facebook's new page layout 2

Judging from comments around the web, joining the wait list did not likely lead to your page being updated in a few days. Alas, many of us are still waiting for our new pages.

While we’re waiting, let’s review Facebook’s new business page layout and make sure we’re prepared for what’s to come.

Facebook’s New Page Layout: Streamlining the Look

So why did Facebook switch to the new layout? In a blog post back on March 10 they announced “A Streamlined Look For Pages,” to “make it easier for people to find the information they want and help Page admins find the tools they use most.”

This means a better experience for both page admins and their fans. The less time we spend trying to create or find information on our Facebook pages, the more time we can spend being awesome.

So let’s take a look at the changes and what they mean for you.

Facebook's new page layout 3

The Timeline

The timeline is going to a single column with equal-sized posts. By doing so, Facebook is creating a more consistent experience for the user who often views Facebook from several different devices and is now used to the updated news feed.

On top of that, when considering chronological material, seeing everything laid out in a straight line makes it much easier to consume, rather than jumping back and forth between two columns.

Naturally, the switch from two columns of posts to one means more real-estate for the timeline – that’s an increase from 403 pixels to 511 pixels wide – meaning more space for plush photos and other engaging posts.

Facebook's new page layout 4

The Hovering Like Bar

In the old layout, a passive navigation bar that included a “like/liked” button  would slip down from the top of your screen as you scrolled down the timeline of a business page. The problem is, it was always there regardless if the user was already a fan or not – as a result, this bar probably faded into obscurity for most users.

Facebook has revamped this gadget into a light-weight Like Bar that’s a bit more animated, hovering over the timeline column and only popping out if the user has not yet liked the page.

The bar also features a call to action to get users’ attention and encourage them to Like your page: “Get updates from [page] in your News Feed.””

Facebook's new page layout 5

The Left-side Column

The information listed in the left-side column will vary slightly, depending on the type of business page. For instance, a brick-and-mortar location might have a map, address, visits, and hours of business, while a primarily online business  might just have general information about the business.

Generally, the information listed in the left-side column will be similar for most businesses. That is, it will display number of Likes (and the user’s friends who like the page), an About section,  Apps, Photos, Videos, Posts to Page, Notes, and whatever else may be relevant to your business.

It’s nice having a column dedicated to this information as it gives more room to preview the “about” information, photos, or videos that users used to have to click through to see.

Facebook's new page layout 6

The Top Navigation Bar

For those users less likely to scroll down and take a look at what’s on the left-side column, some of the more important features are doubled in the top navigation bar for quick and easy access, including your About section, your Photos, your top App, and a “More” drop-down menu that lists your other apps.

So don’t worry – your apps are accessible in multiple places!

While we’re here, it’s also worth noting that your Business avatar, name, and type have been shifted up into the cover photo along with the Like, Following, and Message bars. This mimics the look and feel of a personal profile page.

Facebook's new page layout 7

Admin Tools

The admin panel got a major overhaul as Facebook decided to simplify the interface and merge it with the cover photo. A much sleeker, light-weight interface has replaced the cluttered one of old.

The navigation bar to the top left gives you easy access to your activity/notifications, your insights, and your settings.

The “Build Audience” bar gives you direct access to your Ads Manager and Page Promotion features while the “This Week” bar on the left acts mainly as a Page Insights summary for your page – showing you your pages most important information at a glance.

Facebook's new page layout 8

Source: Facebook

 Pages to Watch

If you’ve ever been curious about how other pages are doing compared to your own (of course you have,) Facebook just made it a whole lot easier.

Packaged along with the new layout is a new Page Insights feature called “Pages to Watch.” With this you’ll be able to create a list of businesses you’re interested in and track their performance. You’ll get to see stats like “new page likes” and “engagement.” More specifically, you’ll get to see the most engaging posts of the past week put out by the pages you’re watching.

And in case your wondering, pages will know that someone has added them to a watch list but will not know who exactly added them.

Facebook's new page layout 9

Source: Facebook

Are you done waiting?

I’m sure you’re beyond ready and prepared for the switch. But you can never be too prepared! If you’re looking for that extra edge to drive engagement, email captures, and sales, click here to sign up, and we’ll show you how to launch a mobile optimized campaign that converts at 10% or higher whether you have the new or old layout!

Tell us what you think and we may quote you in a future article:

Have you been switched to Facebook’s new lay out? Were you switched to the new layout, then reverted back to the old one? Do you like the old lay out better? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

Brooks Tiffany


Brooks Tiffany is the Customer Engagement Leader and Technical Writer at Heyo in Blacksburg, VA. He's an Air Force veteran with a B.A. in English from Virginia Tech. He'll start pursuing an M.S. in Human Centered Design and Enginnering at the University of Washington this Fall.

  • Scott Childress

    Also, the Reviews! These are given even more prominence than before, and will be super important for businesses to push for their customers.

    • Brooks Tiffany

      Yes, definitely – it actually took me a minute to find one so I could post it here! I agree, these will be a must-have for any business worth their salt. They draw your eye immediately:

  • Casie Lane Millhouse-Singh

    Thank You Brooks, not only was this super informational but also provides optimism for business owners. I really dig this new app layout & menu bar. Hopefully upping FB conversion capabilities.

    • Wes

      Totally agree with you Casie! I have yet to see the design on any of mine so far!

  • Maria Bailey

    My page transitioned yesterday. So far so good. I am glad the aps are prominent because I love my HEYO app and was afraid it would be lost in the new design. Thanks for the post.

    • Brooks Tiffany

      Thanks, Maria! I’m glad everything is going well in the transition for you. Those apps do look nice in their new places – and HEYO loves you back! 🙂

  • TheMediaFairy

    I manage several pages for clients, and some have already been converted to the new layout. I like it a lot, and can’t wait until they’re ALL switched, including my own!

    • Brooks Tiffany

      Same here. I’m anxiously awaiting my own – it’ll make it a whole lot easier to discuss and strategize with Facebook when we’re all on the same page!

    • Joselito Perlas

      I am still observing the new flow of the new FB page. as a follower, i find it cumbersome to search the posts by other followers of an FB page especially if i had followed the interaction in a particular post. Before just go the Post by Others and scroll down to search it. It can be found easily.

  • Sarah Cole

    I have only one complaint and that is I can no longer highlight my photos so they spread across the width of the page. Other than that I think it is a good design. I am a manager of several pages and only 4 have been updated. The rollout is a bit frustrating and actually, I wondered if they had changed their minds. I’ll adjust as I’m used to change being in social media.

    • Brooks Tiffany

      That was a pretty cool feature. I imagine it’s a bit frustrating having to switch back an forth between different layouts while managing them! It does seem like they may have changed their mind a few times about the design during the process of the roll out – thus the pages being updated then reverted. I’ve just been wanting to hear a solid date on when it’ll all be done!

  • Kasper

    I like the new layout, I think it gives you a better overview. I like it that some important numbers are shown on the home page. But I can’t figure out why my posts aren’t showed chronological, anyone else having this problem?

    • Brooks Tiffany

      I think the overview is very nice – less is more in this case! I haven’t seen the posts out of chronological order before in someones timeline (with the exception of pinning a post) Did that chronological issue only start after the switch?

  • Wes

    Great article Brooks!

    • Brooks Tiffany

      Thanks Wes – you rock!

  • Brooks Tiffany

    Thank you, Rich! Yes – I read that only 2% of traffic makes it to the actual business page. I imagine these are the people liking and seeing the page the first time – then their only other engagement is through the news feed. Or, they are superfans! Either way, like you said, definitely worth it to make a good impression on those who do trickle over.

  • Brooks Tiffany

    I haven’t heard of that before – it sounds like there may be some small issues like that occurring as Facebook is rolling them out. I guess that’s why they’re taking so much time to roll them out – so they don’t get overwhelmed with technical issues. I’m interested to know if or when they fix yours.

    • Gillie

      I have exactly the same problem. All my previous pages converted and my new page went straight to the new format. Everything was fine until a couple of days ago. Now I can only see my pages using the little blue triangle and no longer have the option to “use facebook as….” Consequently although I can see and post on my own timeline I cannot access my page’s newsfeed and so cannot interact with the pages I like. As I have spent a long time building up relationships I am more than a little fed up.

  • Brooks Tiffany

    Thank you, Beverly! I’m glad you found the article helpful. Be sure to keep coming back to the blog for updates – we love bringing useful information to you!

  • Brooks Tiffany

    You got it – those ‘cute category pics’ are in a great spot!

  • Dave Kastner

    I updated to the new page for a client, and have had nothing but problems on it. It no longer has the “Home” tab at top to see posts by organizations we liked. I also no longer have the drop down of all my accounts on the top right of this page. I have to go to “Help” to report a problem, in order to switch back to myself.

    • Brooks Tiffany

      Hi Dave, it sounds like something definitely went wrong with your update. It looks like Jai, above in the comments, may be having a similar issue with the blue bar going missing. I just updated my test page this morning but still have the “Home” and Drop Down on the top-right to switch. Hopefully they’ll re-update yours with any fixes since you reported a problem. I imagine each page has it’s own unique issues when it gets updated (thus the slow roll out) – I’m putting mine to the test right now.

      • TheMediaFairy

        My own business page was switched when I logged in this morning, and I still have the “Home” and drop-down menu. Only three more to go; fingers crossed! So far each transition has been trouble-free.

        • Brooks Tiffany

          Glad to hear it 🙂 Good luck with the other three!

  • Scott Ayres

    Got it on 1 page I run, but not on any others. I don’t mind the change, but honestly liked the old look.

    • Brooks Tiffany

      I can certainly relate – as soon as you get comfortable with the way things are they go and switch it up on you. However, I think this new layout is going to be easy to get used to.

  • Jai Sequoia

    Only one of the pages I admin ~ has the new look. I actually really like the clean look and fonts etc., really appeals to my designers eye.
    It doesn’t seem like the settings aren’t all working correctly though, as I’m not longer able to directly change the cover image, and often the very top of the facebook page (the blue bar at the top) is going missing and I have to close my window and open a new one. This has been going on for days now.
    One more thing I DON’T care for is on the fb app I was able to edit my clients posts (English is not her first language, although she’s doing great).

    • Brooks Tiffany

      Hi Jai – I’m a big fan of the clean/light weight look as well – and many others are jumping on board with this look judging by the landing pages for many sites. Looks like Facebook is listening to those with a designers eye 🙂 I was once told that you should design an advertising poster as if a person was driving by at 55 mph (and only had 5 seconds to look at it). I feel like a similar principle applies in website design considering the speed with which people browse.

      I’ve heard several people mention issues like yours with certain settings not working quite properly – it sounds like, Dave, below in the comments, is having a similar issue with his blue bar not working.

  • Suxsan

    What about the TALKING ABOUT? I cant find it, can you tell we where is it? For me is important, its one of my weekly KPIS

    • Brooks Tiffany

      The Talking About metric is gone …for now. There was concern that the metric was misleading in terms of true engagement, especially calling it “talking about”. I think Facebook is pointing people towards Reach and Engagement and other metrics listed in Page Insights as KPIs instead of Talking About. I think if they decide to bring it back, it’ll be revamped to use measurements that more accurately reflect its namesake.

      • Tina Reed Johnson

        Interestingly, I noticed the talking about stat appearing on the new page layout when posting a page link to the page. As you said, it no longer shows in the timeline, however.

  • Pallab Kakoti

    Good to know about the updates in advance. Many thanks for sharing. #plbkkt via #hshdsh

    • Brooks Tiffany

      You got it Pallab – thanks for reading!

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  • Dean Martinez

    The “pages to watch” feature is interesting. Is Facebook’s angle with this, to create competition among advertisers and businesses? With the ability to track your competition’s numbers one can be driven to be more socially engaging. What do you think?

    • Brooks Tiffany

      Yep! I think Facebook wants to give admins all the tools they want and need to improve their social media marketing skills – all those pages will do a much better job at figuring out how to engage their fans – this is great for the fan, great for the brand, and great for facebook. It’s a win/win/win!

  • Age

    I can no longer post as myself, not can I share to my personal page! Neither can I highlight my personal friends in posts – all very frustrating. I’d like the new design if it wasn’t for this. Anyone else having this issue? I regularly like to comment as myself instead of the page as it more personal, this also allowed me to add a hyper link of a friend using @john smith etc. Now none of this works and there is not an option to post as myself. boohoo Facebook

    • Brooks Tiffany

      Hi Age – thanks for commenting! Unfortunately it looks like that’s the case – they made these page layouts more like the personal pages, yet seemed to kind of depersonalize the experience with the fans a bit. This whole roll out still isn’t complete and there’s a lot of people chiming in with feedback on this so let’s hope it’s not final!

    • Marie

      Same here and I can’t share from a page to my personal profile or groups…its frustrating

  • gayledee

    Thanks for this review, Brooks. It’s the best one I’ve found so far. Do you know what happened to the Post by Others? It seems it’s now Posts to Page but there is no way as the admin to add those posts to the timeline on the right side and, thus, increase their size and visibility greatly. So they just sit in the left column, down out of view, I think they may never be seen.
    Our Page is one where it is helpful for the admins to post to the business page as themselves every now and then (instead of as the page). When I post as myself, it goes to Posts to Page, and, I fear, pretty easy to miss!
    When I share something from my personal page to the biz page, I get the triumphant FB message that it has been shared successfully to the Page. And then… it’s nowhere to be found! Just a silly note on my personal page that I’ve shared the post, which gets repeated on my personal page…again! Is this the way it will be, or are there a lot of bugs being worked out. Thanks for responding. It’s so cool how you have responded to all the comments!

    • Brooks Tiffany

      Hi Gayledee – thank you very much for the comment! You are correct – it looks like Facebook now has ‘Posts to Page’ acting as the ‘Posts by Others’. I’m afraid the only thing you can do to help with visibility on the left side is move it as far up as you can there in the left side tool (which looks to be just under the ‘people’ and ‘about’ sections).

      I think (depending on the privacy settings of the user) you may be able to share those posts to your timeline. It’s definitely not very clear how this will work moving forward. I’ve been diving into Facebook’s forums to try to get to the bottom of a lot of the problems I’ve been hearing and I’ve seen a lot of questions about this as well as other buggy type issues.

      With the slow roll out – I think Facebook is going to be working out some of these kinks as well as listening to feedback. Thanks, again, for commenting and keep coming back!

  • Sufyan

    I am with Scott Ayras … The Old look was more impressive and easy to use … how ever this one also is not bad but honestly not better than old one.

    • Brooks Tiffany

      Hi Sufyan, – the simplicity of the new one wins it out for me. I didn’t think the old one was bad at all – but I do like that mobile and desk versions are being brought a little closer together for consistency in this new layout. With a little time, I think Facebook will find ways to merge some of the older features that people miss into this new layout.

  • Natalie Seaton

    I have a question! With the last design, I was able to navigate from my fan page to my personal page via the drop down menu on the right. Now, I can’t figure out how to get back to my personal page without literally typing in “” in the address bar and “starting over”. Any tips or suggestions? It seems to be missing something, or maybe I’m just missing it. : ) Thanks so much!

    • Wes

      Hello Natalie! The option to switch back to your personal profile should be the same, and is still availably to the top right, as seen here —>

      Let me know if this helps!


  • RaiderZ Account

    The post by others has to be modified. Before you could click a page and view just posts by others. Now it’s gone. Additionally, a popup box makes it impossible to view old posts if you fanpage gets alot of comments. They need to change it back to the old system where you can easily view posts by others.

    • Wes

      Great feedback here, thanks for posting!

  • Linda Nelson

    We’ve had the new layout on many of the pages we admin for several months and just love them. Our trailers are now up front and on top so we don’t have to keep “pinning” them to the top every week and all the analytics are easy to reach. You can see key numbers at a glance and the timeline photos are huge. It’s so great to be able to put a Heyo sales tab on our “Movie” pages and then have the App Name appear just under the Cover photo and also in the app list on the left side. Anytime you can cut down on clicks required for a sale is a plus. For an example, check out this Heyo page that Nathan showed me how to make in about 60 seconds (make sure to click on one of the movies):

  • Tomás Cullen

    I used to be able to invite all my friends to like my business page account by scrolling down to the bottom of all my friends and then putting in a code through the console. I cant seem to do that anymore. Does anybody know how to do something like this now with the new layout? Thanks

  • Raichle Watt

    I was about to add my review tab to my page when I was notified to update my page. After updating, I now do not see where I can add the review tab?

  • Kristeen Smith

    does this only work for contests? or does it work for other post types?

    • Brooks Tiffany

      Hi Kristeen, our Contests are our most popular templates, however, we have lots of other types of campaigns: Sales, Social, Lead Capture, and completely custom campaigns.

  • Zach Hammel-Shaver

    With no ad spend how did the knitting company get some many emails?

  • beanvideo

    Love the sweepstakes campaign… but only collects emails- no names however. Will that change soon?

    • Brooks Tiffany

      Thanks for the question! Yes, we’re updating our sweepstakes campaign to have additional fields in the very near future 🙂

  • Katie Fletcher

    Think the new layout appears more streamlined from the front + back end. These tips will certainly help me market more effectively!

    • Brooks Tiffany

      Thanks for reading Katie!

  • Heidi Grütter

    Do you think that the new changes to the Apps will make it so that people see them less; especially the contests that we’re running? We were so used to designing our cover photos to point and arrow down to the tabs and tell them to enter.

    Also is there a way to organize the Apps on the left panel to be in the order you want? The old layout used to be easy to shift the Apps around but we can’t figure it out now 🙁

    • Brooks Tiffany

      I think that the new changes help even more because you can now have the App in multiple locations. Not only up top, but to the left as well.

      Yes, there is also a way to organize the apps on the left – if you hover over the little drop down arrow, there’s a little pencil icon that will allow you to manage their order.

      Also, check out this creative way that one of our clients pointed to an app with the new design:

  • Bronz Body

    When emails are captured are they saved to our email service such as AWeber, Mail Chimp?

    • Brooks Tiffany

      Hi Bronz! Yes, we offer integrations with MailChimp, AWeber, and Constant Contact. We also have an HTML widget which will allow you to embed any kind of form into our drag and drop campaigns.

  • Mike Macey | ThinkUp New Media

    How and where to promote contest across other social platforms, print, etc? What are your suggestions for promoting as a web landing page outside of Facebook (knowing the campaign link works for mobile, web, Fb)?

  • Bronz Body

    Great Webinar today with Nathan and excited to be a part of the Heyo family.

    • Brooks Tiffany

      Thanks for the comment – welcome to the Heyo family!

  • Raichle Watt

    I cannot find the review tab for the new layout. Can you help direct me so I can start getting reviews from my clients?

    • Brooks Tiffany

      Hi Raichle, you’ll want to make sure you have all of your Page Info filled out to include the address and map shown. Then have a friend fill out the first review to make sure it shows up.

      It seems some others were having the same issue here —>

      I hope this helps!

      • Raichle Watt

        Thanks Brooks! I do not have a local business, since I’m an online retailer. Last week I saw I had a box allowing for reviews, then when I upgraded, that box disappeared. Do you think there is a way to downgrade to what I had so I can use the reviews?

  • Uncomfy Truth

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed but there seems to be a bug in the new layout – you cannot delete someone else’s post on your fanpage wall or ban them. When you click delete, the dialogue box pops out but clicking both “delete” or “delete and ban user” does nothing.

  • Candura Instruments

    We just started a new business page. The streamlined look only appears when log in as admin, but all other fb users still gets the old look. Is this normal?

  • Lesley Anne

    I can no longer share a post from my personal profile on a page I manage under that pages name. When I share it says ‘posting as yourself’. I cannot find how to change this and it is very frustrating. Can you please help.

  • David Ruiz

    how the hell do i find out what pages like mine?. it used to be in the likes tab then you had to drop down a menu to click on “pages that like you” now it is not there?

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  • JellyBelly

    Anyone have any idea why I (as the admin) can no longer post from my personal timeline to my FB page? I keep getting the error msg:
    “(Page name) doesn’t allow people to post on their Timeline. You can try sending this as a message instead.”
    My other admin can do so with no issue at all? I’ve Googled and looked through the FB questions but can’t find my answer anywhere. Argh! Thanks! (And great article!)

  • Michelle Bradford

    How do I see the news feed of a page I manage in chronological order? On my personal page, there is an option to switch from most recent to top posts; but that option has disappeared from the page(s) I manage!

  • disqus_fFH5B3KocK

    I can’t figure out how to post across facebook as my business page.