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July 19, 2011

Facebook Allows Inviting Friends to “Like” a Fan Page

July 19, 2011 | By | 22 Comments">22 Comments

invite friends to like facebook page banner

Getting visitors to “Like” your Facebook Fan Page can be a tricky task. With Facebook’s  new “Invite Friends” feature, attracting new fans is easier then ever.  The new tool allows users to invite friends from their Personal Profile to “Like” the Facebook Fan Pages that they admin via a notification. A largely unknown tool that can have a large effect on exposing your brand on Facebook.

How To

In order to take advantage of this new feature, log-in to Facebook as your Personal Profile. Then, navigate to the Facebook Fan Page that you wish to send out “Like requests” for. Do not “Use Facebook as Page”, remain in your personal profile, and in the top right of your Facebook Fan Page you will see the menu displayed below. From here, click the “Invite Friends” option.

invite friends to like facebook page

You will then be prompted to select friends you would like to send the notifications to. There are a slew of predetermined friend categories to chose from, ranging from “recent interactions” to popular cities. Once you have selected which friends you wish to send a notification to, click “Submit”. Within seconds, the friends you selected will receive an invite as seen below, requesting that they go to the Facebook Fan Page and “Like” it.  This feature can be very useful in getting familiar faces to help out that stubborn “Like” count.


Remember to use good judgment in selecting potential fans, as spamming could hurt your Facebook Fan Page more than it helps. Selecting all your friends may not be the route you want to take. Cater to those who have actually invested, monetarily or emotionally, in you and your brand. These are the users who are most likely to vocalize their pleasure with you and your company directly. This creates a lasting impression rather than becoming last weeks popular trend.

  • Ryan Freed

    Thanks for the tips guys!

    • Support

      Sure thing Ryan – Did you take advantage of this feature?? Alex.


      • Ryan Freed

        Yea I definitely did!

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  • Sallie

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Cemlyn

    That’s a good tip. I knew it had to be somewhere but I missed it tucked away like that at the bottom of that list. The one I like is the ‘suggest friends to a new friend’ feature but as far as I know this is only available immediately after you accept the invite from a new friend. Do you know how we can get to the ‘suggest a friend’ feature?

  • acehstar

    nice tips, thanks for write this

  • Tripsta

    This is good knowledge a lot of Facebookers should know!

    • Sally Chewter

      Fine, I invited all my Friends to Like our Coastal Computing page, and got quite a few Likes. Then I began adding as Friends lots of businesses in the areas where we operate and most of them accepted and I then invited these to Like our page and many did. So far, so good. But what I want to do is reciprocate by Liking their pages, but when I go to their pages, it appears that once I have been accepted by them as Friends, I no longer have the option to do a Like. At least, I cannot find it. Is this true? I just want to return the courtesy. Help! Sally

      • David George

        Hi Sally, sorry your having some trouble with that. We should definitely be able to solve this! When you go to Like their page, what account are you using – i.e. are you under your personal “Sally” profile or your Coastal fan page profile? – David

  • MARY

    I am having trouble finding the invite friends on my fan page. I don’t see it. I did when I first made my page but now it disappeared. Any insist would help. Please

    • Alex Shamy

      Hey Mary! The feature is only around when you are just getting started, unfortunately. It looks like Creative Design Talent already has 25 likes which is why you may not see it :/ Are you trying to drive some traffic there?? – Alex

      • MARY

        Alex HEY
        THanks for the quick response…yes I am want to drive traffic there and get more likes
        Any help will be much appreciated.

  • Hugh


    Does this feature only for the Personal Profile that manages the fanpage?

    The reason I ask I cannot see it on my Personal Profile and I created the fanpage at Create a page, not at Personal Profile Create a page,

    Thanks for your help.

  • soulightlove/ Aakara Grace

    This is helpful. I tryed this option first to test it out and see what would happen by inviting one person to like. Now I want to invite all friends to like and the option has disappeared from the drop down menu? any support. thanks!

    • David George

      Hi Aakara, Facebook does some weird stuff with that option. If you have less than 30 Likes on your page, they will enable it. Then, after 30 Likes, Facebook removes this option. I guess they just want to be able to give you a little boost at the beginning. Did that answer your question, Aakara?

  • pesmana

    If I send out invitations to my friends, will they come to know that I am the admin of that page? Because I don’t wanna let anyone know of it!

  • Saba

    When i visit someone pageasnon admin it always have option ‘invite your friends to like this page’ but this does not come up on my page, when someone visits my page they cannot invite their friends….cn you help ?

  • Jacek

    Just as Saba wrote I have the same problem? Anyone who knows what to do about it?

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