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February 19, 2011

NEW: Facebook Enables Users to Create Custom Tab Names w/ iFrames

February 19, 2011 | By | 35 Comments">35 Comments

The switch is close. We’re all preparing. Facebook just made it a little easier.

It used to be easy for users to customize “Tab” names in Static FBML:

Now, with iFrames moving in, it’s a bit more difficult for the average user:

Facebook has just made it a whole heck of a lot easier. See how in the video! Leave a comment below if you’re thrilled with this change! It’s about time we are thrilled with a “change” isn’t it?!



Nathan Latka has supported the growth of over 100,000 small businesses using social media and data driven campaigns — all without a college degree.

  • Nathan Latka

    Cool new feature huh!?

    • Chris Snyder

      Yes, it is cool! However, how does one Change the icon next to the app? It’s a defaulted one that I don’t like. Did I miss a step during the creation of the Tab? Thanks!

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  • Jeremy Green

    Yes it is Nathan, thanks for the update…

    • Nathan Latka

      Sure thing Jeremy!

  • Tony

    Thanks for the info!!

    • Nathan Latka

      Sure thing Tony!

  • Brian Pinski

    As Peter Griffin would say “That’s freakin’ sweet!!!”

    • Nathan Latka

      Haha, I like that Brian- good ole Peter

  • Yourmother1

    guy makes sure he has 100 freind requests b4 he makes this>>>>> great vid tho

    • Nathan Latka

      Hey there! I was using Facebook as my page- those were “likes ” 🙂

  • Alex Daniel Cabrera

    As always… Great value and great material presentation – Thanks for the information!

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  • Ahmed Ismail

    How do you replace the icon nex to the customized tab name?

    • Nathan Latka

      You have to actually build the app yourself. Change the image by just uploading it from your desktop on the app dashboard. Cheers!

      • Koko

        So Simple! Thanks Nathan

        • Randy

          as for changing the icon next to my tab, im at the dashboard but not really sure what to do next.

          Also when should a person upload and none fanpage, ? always, once in a while etc?  and when it asks for an image not sure what kind of image to put in.

          and finally, prior to up loading a fanpage, i had 181 “Likes” and now 4 days later the number is still the same, but yet I know for a fact that a bunch of friends and family have liked my page, any suggestions.

          • Anonymous

            We are still in R and D mode regarding changing/updating the icon. I’m sorry Randy. Cheers

            • Patrick

              Has this gone past the R&D mode yet? We have a business plan and would really like to use different icons than the Lujure icon. 

            • Nathanlatka

              Yes, we released remarkable new custom icon feature last week. Create a new tab and select custom publish to set up your own icon. Cheers

  • Elena

    But if you are using the comment stream on the tab and the option publish on your own wall is ticked, the name of the tab shared is not the new one, but Lujure template tab one. That’s too bad! So we set up a contest, and used the template ‘contest’…now, after posting sth on the comment stream of the tab and sharing it with my own wall, the shared tab is not ‘Sorteo 500 fans’ (the name I put according to your own instructions) but Contest, which doesn’t say anything to my followers.

    • Nathan Latka

      That is correct Elena, the individual elements on the page are not changed in regard to the name of the tab. Thanks for the feedback!

  • MCD

    How do you re-assign a welcome page? I had one up but took it down and now I want to make a different page my “Welcome” page… How can I assign a page to be the one you land on first?

    • Anonymous

      Great question! Click on edit page, and then select the tab you want to be the landing tab from the drop down menu 😉 Cheers!

  • Chris Tano Morgan

    The tabs created with lujure does not show up in my apps. The video is informative if you’ve created the app to connect to your facebook fanpage, but it’s not in step with lujure created tabs. How do I change the name on my lujure created tabs?????

  • David

    How come i am redirected here to rename my tab from my dashboard when I want to change the name in my dashboard? I understand how to change the tab name on the client end, now how do I manage my dashboard to maintain a clean, logically ordered workspace? Do I have to delete my tab and start over in order to edit the tab name? I only ask here because this is where your tool redirected me when I clicked on rename.

    • Anonymous

      Hey there David! You can’t change the name in the dashboard, just on Facebook 🙁 I’m sorry.


  • Anonymous

    Thank you Nathan!   As always, you are the best.

  • Guest

    Thanks exactly what I was trying to do.

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  • Teona

    Very cool! Thank for sharing!

  • Sebi

    Very good idea, I think. Very nice feature…