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December 16, 2010

BREAKING: Facebook FORCES Changes on All Fan Pages and Profiles

December 16, 2010 | By | 13 Comments">13 Comments

Just kidding says Facebook. On December 12th, Facebook users experienced scattered outages while Facebook was testing, as it seems, total changes- network wide- to all Fan Pages and Profiles. At this time they are back to the “old” version but Facebook doesn’t just test to test. This is very likely the future. So, let’s get prepared.

The Changes:

[*will update as more information comes in*] No insights on each post, no insights backend, can post as page, no default landing tab.

Essentially this was a money making move by Facebook in my opinion. Why? Let’s take a look.

1) No more default landing tabs on Facebook
– Why it means $$ for Facebook: If fans aren’t automatically being dropped on a custom tab, it forces fan page owners to spend advertising dollars (most likely on fb ads) to MANUALLY funnel people to the tab. Facebook is taking advantage of our sweat equity we have put in our pages in my opinion. We spend countless weeks, hundreds of dollars, and lots of frustration learning and building on their platform. Now they think, well heck, we have them building custom pages, let’s force them to advertise on them.

2) Mobile Market
– This opinion will leave us open to criticism but here is why it means $$ for Facebook: Notice how all the tabs are now seen on a browser in a phone (NOT using a Facebook App). The ADS display beautifully. In all of these other third party applications, Facebook ads do not show up which means Facebook looses money. What this move shows is that Facebook does in fact want to control the mobile market (a 5 BILLION and growing person market) simply for the sake of raking in the ad revenue which is already projected to be 1.3 billion next year. Additionally, this puts all kinds of third party developers in a bind. After investing time developing fb apps, they are now competing with the monster itself.

What are your opinions? Why on earth do you think Facebook did this? Is it enough to get you to throw in the towelle?



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  • Anonymous

    I just this afternoon learned what Google Buzz is all about. My first thought was “oh, that’s nice but I’m just getting the hang of FB.. While Google seems to have put a lot of thought into the whole “social” aspect of all this, I’ll stick with FB for the time being..” NOW!! I think I’ll be taking a closer look at Google Buzz…

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think you’ll be alone. IMHO its the nature of the industry. I don’t understand why they test such dramatic changes network wide though. Youd think they would have test servers would you?

  • Taylor

    I have to play around with it prior to formulating an opinion just yet. I am very disheartened they would take away our opportunity to designate a landing page. It takes all the originality away from a fan page.

    • Anonymous

      Well, you could still create custom tabs but you just couldn’t set them as the default landing pages. They would rather make you pay $$ to manually drive traffic to the custom pages 🙂 NOT a smart move IMHO

  • Meetu Singhal

    Yes, totally to accommodate how to generate more money.change things in such a way that businesses are forced to pay money.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly Meetu. It’s unfortunate as this is what ruined Myspace. Zuck is very smart, he’s got to have something up his sleeve…

      • Meetu Singhal

        On FB known issues page they claim that their prototype was accidentally released . Do you believe this ? I think it was done on purpose. This is major change and they want to see how users react. Mark should know it from us — we are the users , Bitch!

  • Jeffrey B

    Is it enough to get you to throw in the towelle? Well, it’s a wakeup call to be sure. Begin to think seriously about the time & effort you spend on someone elses platform who jerks you around or can even pull the plug on you without notice or even any explaination. Cut back (or dump FB) and start spending your valuable time developing your OWN websites & blogs that YOU control. Capture fans contact information and forget about getting all those “like’rs” who could vanish in a nanosecond at the whim of facebooks Gestapo managemnt.

  • JP

    out of the 500 million plus user some of us just want to be able to use the fan page to help brand out business, I don’t have any intention of running paid ads on their site, it’s a DICK move to take away the default tab option

  • Swetapatel

    Yes! It needs to be thrown out, facebook should totally be customizable for the people. After having to learn FBML codes, what is the point of it now if there are no default tabs?

  • Imagebyandrew

    Since social media is all about engagement, you’d think Facebook would engage with its members and get some input before making changes. I agree with you…I don’t like these changes.

  • Jessica

    I prefer the old set up. It seemed to be more business focused. They need to bring back the info box.

  • Sheryl

    As a social media manager it really makes me wonder how small business friendly Facebook wants to be.