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November 18, 2012

3 Tactics to Drive Traffic, Leads, and Sales for Your Business

November 18, 2012 | By | 21 Comments">21 Comments

You probably already know that you need to generate traffic, create leads, and drive sales online.

What you want to know is a way to do it that actually works.

You want a fan page, mobile app, and website for your business that is so irresistable traffic can’t help but come pouring in.

You want persuasive marketing that drives that traffic towards quickly popping their email in your lead capture form on their way to grab all your products… (what if you could get them to bring their friends along too?!)

You, my friend, want a fan page, mobile app, and website that actually work.

Well, today is your lucky day. In a few moments you’ll know not only how to create a lead generating fan page tab, but you’ll learn how to quickly dominate your market before any of your competitors take notice.

You’re a small business with maybe 1-5 employees. Perhaps you used to work for yourself but you studied social media strategies and now work at a firm.

Meet Craig. He’s just like you. He used to work for himself but now does marketing and social media for Charbroil grills. He wants just one thing: traffic, leads, and sales (okay, maybe three)…

Create a lead generating fan page tab

I’m about to tell you something that’ll shock you. Facebook isn’t just for cute puppy faces, sleeping babies, and teenage girls that sing about Friday.  Close your jaw, keep reading.

To generate leads through Facebook, you’ve got to get hyper focused. The good news is, with 900m people on the platform, the waterfall of traffic is there. You just need to create the funnel that sends it all your way. So, lets get to the funnel building.

Craig wanted to create a custom tab on Facebook to drive leads. The problem was Craig didn’t have a bunch of money to throw at this, nor did he have time and energy to work with developers and designers.

The good news is, Craig didn’t need them…. (and you don’t either)

Through Heyo, Craig dragged and dropped together this custom Fan Page application consisting of a header image, a headline, social sharing widgets to drive exposure, an image of his product, and an email embed form.

The end product was an insanely smart lead capture page.

Get more traffic, leads, and sales

Now, you may think you can’t do this. You’re thinking, I don’t have time, I don’t know code, and I sure as heck don’t have the money to pay a developer! Craig thought the same thing until he found this and jumped in.

As you build out your own fan page tab, focus on drawing the users eye to your email opt in. Whether you use Aweber, Constant Contact, iContact, Get Response, Mailchimp, or some email marketing firm, they don’t matter unless you amass subscribes.

… and amass subscribers you will with this strategy. Boomski. That’s how you drive leads from Facebook.

Make your fan page tabs mobile and drive traffic

After Craig had success building out his fan page tab, he sensed a massive opportunity to leverage mobile marketing to drive sales.

He knew that mobile payments is predicted to hit $1 trillion dollars in 2013 and that more and more of his potential customers are on mobile devices.

He really didn’t want to miss out on this traffic. His strategy? Pure brilliance.

First, he made the tab he just created for the fan page viewable on a mobile device using this. Streamlining contests and content across social and mobile helps build incredible brand consistency and user habits.

Currently, Facebook doesn’t automatically show tabs on mobile devices. Jump in Heyo and we’ll instantly enable you to show your fan page tabs to your customers while they are on their mobile devices… (I know, its exciting!)

Second, he connected his twitter stream with the mobile app so mobile users could follow him on twitter and see his entire feed right in the mobile app. This helps drive Twitter followers you would have never attracted without a mobile strategy.

Lastly, he wanted to incentivize viewers through the mobile app through a deal contest. By using the deal app, he set up an incredibly effective 50% off coupon exclusive to mobile viewers!

Craig thought about hiring a development firm to build Charbroil a mobile app but was shocked when he got quotes back in the thousands. Using Heyo, he did it himself. Click here and you can too.

Build a sales generating landing page

Last week, Craig was reviewing his website analytics wondering what he was doing wrong. He worked so hard to get the website live, yet it wasn’t driving the results he wanted. Naturally, he was disappointed.

The reason? Well, its not Craig’s fault.

You were probably told your website needed to be busy, with tons of widgets, and buttons. The fact of the matter is, you want to build your entire website, from head to  toe, with a focus on what you want a viewer to do… (also called a CTA – call to action).

Like you, Craig cared about sales and revenue. The problem was, he didn’t know how to get started. He didn’t have developers to rely on and he didn’t know code himself. What he needed was something that just worked….. quick.


Craig ended up dragging and dropping a powerful landing page together using Heyo’s web builder. He focused on a strong headline, a succulent image, and an order now button that lets people check out and enter their CC right from the page.

Lastly, he pulled in a comment stream to build social proof and testimonials.

No matter what you’re selling online, you can copy this exact strategy. Headline, image, buy button, social proof.

Whether you are a speaker selling presentations, a body builder selling supplements, or a consultant selling services, the same strategy applies. It’s up to you to make a commitment to executing it.

With Heyo, you can execute this entire strategy in under 30 minutes. Remember to focus on a fan page tab that drives leads, a mobile app that drives traffic, and a landing page that drives sales.

Webinar Replay

Your turn

Tell us what industry you’re in the comments below and we’ll give you examples of how you can use these 3 strategies in your own business.



Nathan Latka has supported the growth of over 100,000 small businesses using social media and data driven campaigns — all without a college degree.

  • Richard Chasse

    real estate industry. looking forward to our 3 tips. thx

    • Nathan

      1. Facebook search: “moving to [insert your location]”. You’ll find people saying they want to move to your city which makes them prime opportunities to rent/sell real estate

      2. To drive leads, offer a “Top 10 trends in the [insert your location] real estate market that’ll make you smarter” ebook. Put it on a custom tab on your fan page with an email opt in from Aweber below it. Growing your email list will allow you to more fruitfully promote to new listings to drive sales and commissions.

      3. Sales: Driving sales in real estate is essentially selling a property. Use our image widget, text widget, and share widget to set up a custom tab to feature your #1 property. Then put an email capture form below saying “Insert your email to get interior pictures”. This way you are capturing hot prospects.


  • Jim Farnsworth

    Ok…I get it. You can do great things with heyo. But where do the leads come from? How do you contact people to tell them to come to your Fanpage? You showed how to search for people, ‘moving to NY’. OK…how do you reach them? do you have to post on their timeline to invite them to your page?

    I want to contact restaurants. How do I do that?. do I have t search for every restaurant in my area for their Fanpage, ‘like; them to post on their timeline in order to get them to come to MY Fanpage? And don’t talk to me about facebook ads…can’t afford it.

    • Nathan

      Hey Jim, see the responses I just left for Richard and Laura, they’ll work for you too. Cheers

  • Laura Bird Miller

    Hi Nathan, Alex & team Heyo… I am a fine artist. I specialize in offering local Orlando area painting workshops for ages 10 on up, as well as providing custom paintings for clients. Can you give me an examples of how I can use these 3 strategies in my own business? Thank you!

    • Nathan

      Hey Laura, sure!
      1. To drive sales of your classes, set up a fan page tab that allows folks to register and pay. You can pull this off your website using our iframe widget.
      2. Set up a tab with a paypal button that features your fine art so you can collect sales off Facebook
      3. Do a search for “art” and “Orlando” via Facebook’s search > view public posts > see who else is talking about or requesting (potential customer) your services in your area.


  • james samy

    Awesome sharing Nathan, you are amazing and the widgets with all the stuffs great
    Thank you

    • Nathan

      Thanks. Glad you enjoyed.

  • Chris Kirkham

    I sell Facebook and Google + Places to businesses as vehicles to drive more customers

    • Nathan

      Great Chris! Was this your own company that you founded?

      • Chris Kirkham

        Yes Nathan. Patterson Business is an expert in customer management and has been running for 8 years. We assist clients to attract and retain their ideal customers. Hence the need for Facebook, social media and SEO/local marketing.

  • Veronica (Roni)

    hey guys, I love your stuff, how do you know all this!!! :))
    It was a really good webinar this morning too so thanks again heaps.
    We have a little catering business & an online kitchen confidence boosting site (at least that’s what we are working towards:))
    thanks for all your input, cheers

    • Nathan

      Thrilled to hear it Roni! What kind of content can we share that would help you most with your catering business? Lets grow it together!

  • Fran Miller

    I loved the info Nathan, but it went by quickly and I need to go over the steps again on how to sell your ebook from the fan page. I am a photographer and need to be able to generate likes and links from my fan page to my Facebook business page and my blog. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks so much!

    • Nathan

      Gerat to hear Fran! Did you see the embedded webinar at the end of the post? I’ll hold your hand and walk you through getting that ebook selling 🙂

      • Fran Miller

        I would love that. I need a design for my front page and that is what is holding me up. The rest is finished.
        The ebook is about how to start and manage your own cleaning business. I had my own commercial cleaning business for twelve years. So it is not related to my photography site. How can I do this? Any suggestions appreciated.
        Missed your webinar today. I hate to miss them, but sometimes I am not home the times or days you have the webinar. Wish there was a way to make it up!
        Thanks so much!

  • Camille

    Hey, Nathan! I’ve tried to keep up with your blogs and webinars.
    I have my FB fan page setup. I just got on mobile. My product is lingerie.
    Do you have other suggestions on how I can increase “Likes” and drive sales?

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